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ATÜAastane Tööühik (Estonian)
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You may think I'm barmy saying that, after a week when Westminster was in uproar over the raid on an MP's Parliamentary office by police from the antiterrorist unit.
Russias offers include the complete gamut of special equipment, automated C2 and communications systems, weapons and police gear to equip law enforcement and antiterrorist units.
Esa realidad mexicana se discute en Estados Unidos ya no tanto a puertas cerradas, sino a puertas abiertas, y por eso se sugiere al gobierno de Calderon que lleve a los carteles de Sinaloa, del Golfo, a los Zetas y a La Familia ante el foro de las Naciones Unidas para que se les observe con lupa a traves de las Antiterrorist Units (ATUs), o unidades antiterroristas.
The Counterterrorist Manual: A Practical Guide to Elite International Units provides a finely illustrated guidebook to antiterrorist units deployed to handle airplane, ship, train and bus hijackings.
The pair were arrested as part of Operation Phoenix, a huge cross-border investigation involving antiterrorist units, fraud squads and the Republic's Criminal Assets Bureau.
In clinical terms Weir details how antiterrorist units in the RUC known as Special Patrol Groups initiated attacks on the Catholic population.