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ANTONIOArtificial Networked Technician Optimized for Nocturnal Infiltration and Observation
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"I swear it," said Don Quixote, "and for greater security I will put a flag-stone over it; for I would have you know, Senor Don Antonio"
"In reliance upon that promise," said Don Antonio, "I will astonish you with what you shall see and hear, and relieve myself of some of the vexation it gives me to have no one to whom I can confide my secrets, for they are not of a sort to be entrusted to everybody."
Don Quixote was puzzled, wondering what could be the object of such precautions; whereupon Don Antonio taking his hand passed it over the bronze head and the whole table and the pedestal of jasper on which it stood, and then said, "This head, Senor Don Quixote, has been made and fabricated by one of the greatest magicians and wizards the world ever saw, a Pole, I believe, by birth, and a pupil of the famous Escotillo of whom such marvellous stories are told.
You shall not seal to such a bond for me." But Antonio insists and the bond is sealed.
The world has treated him ill, and he will repay the world with ill, and chiefly against Antonio does his anger grow bitter.
Then Antonio's friends shake their heads and say, "Let him beware the hatred of the Jew." They look gravely at each other, for it is whispered abroad that "Antonio hath a ship of rich lading wreck'd on the narrow seas."
"Give me back my wig!" shouted Mastro Antonio in a surly voice.
Mastro Antonio, very glad indeed, went immediately to his bench to get the piece of wood which had frightened him so much.
Antonio says that if I go to the city this fall, he will hover near me on the road to guard the friend of Julia; and that he will eagerly avail himself of my presence to seek her society.
How much a desire to see Antonio governed this decision, we cannot say, but we are certain that, if in the least, Julia was herself ignorant of the power.
"I wish I was going, Antonio. There's two things I'd give a lot to see.
"I don't know anything about it, except in a mixed-up, foggy way, Antonio, but I know enough to know it's grand sport."