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AN12Antonov An-12 (Russian military aircraft)
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Summary: Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], May 10 (ANI): A Georgian heavy cargo plane Antonov AN-12 which entered the Indian air space by an unauthorised route from Pakistan, was released following security clearance as it was not a serious violation, Rajasthan Police said on Friday.
The ACS sourced an Antonov An-12 and instructed the pilots to fly lower than the usual 30,000 feet in order to avoid damage to the artwork.
Russian Central Military District Assistant Commander Colonel Yaroslav Roshchupkin said earlier that the search operation would involve around 250 military servicemen, 12 Mil Mi-8 helicopters, two Antonov An-12 and one Antonov An-26 aircraft.
After paying 500 South Sudanese pounds, Arop was able to get on the Soviet-built Antonov AN-12 cargo aircraft, although he was not issued a ticket.
State news agency APS reported that the Antonov An-12 plane went down in a mountainous area south of the Tamanrasset airport after making a stopover for unspecified technical reasons.
The Antonov An-12 crashed after it took off from the Tamanrasset airport in southern Algeria, the agency said, citing a statement by the Transport Ministry.
It is sometimes the case that smaller and more versatile aircraft can be utilised to good effect during aid operations of this kind - for example the L-100 Hercules (the civilian variant of the C130 military transporter) or its Russian-built equivalent the Antonov AN-12.
Australia-based airline safety and product rating website said it has cautioned travelers to steer clear of the LET410, Antonov AN-12, Ilyushin 76, and CASA 212 aircraft it said which have the worst crash rate over the past 10 years.
APRIL 1###Southwest Airlines Flight 812, a Boeing 737###AUG 9###An Avis Amur Antonov An-12
Al-Sawarmi Khaled, spokesperson of the Sudanese army, announced that the crash of the transport plane, Antonov An-12, saying it was carrying military equipment to El-Fasher and there was 16 military on board in addition to its crew of six people.
An Antonov An-12 cargo plane crashed in August in Russia s Far East, killing 11, and an An-12 crash in Siberia in July killed seven.