ANTORAssociation of National Tourist Organisations (various locations)
ANTORAssociation of National Tourist Office Representatives
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TATT'S OUR GIRL Jale Antor shows off her joke version of Cheryl's famous rose tattoo
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la mestre forteresce ou li rois artus estoit si li dist 35 sire ii baron uos mandent uos & antor & larceuesque
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Before joining Avure, Orelli was managing director of Antor Associations, a consulting group that specializes in developing strategies and identifying new markets for small companies.
The presenters at the prestigious event, which was co-sponsored by ANTOR -- The Assembly of National Tourist Office Representatives and SATH -- The Society for the Advancement of Travel for the Handicapped, included Jeanne Westphal, director, Adacemy of Travel and Tourism Program, National Academy Foundation; Bunny Grossinger, president, The Academy of Tourism Organizations; and Mira Berman, executive director of ANTOR.
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