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ANTSA New Tax System (Australia)
ANTSAndover Newton Theological School
ANTSAgence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (French national security agency)
ANTSAlgorithmic Number Theory Symposium
ANTSAutonomous Nanotechnology Swarm (NASA)
ANTSAdult Non-Traditional Student (various schools)
ANTS8-Aminonaphthalene-1,3,6-Trisulfonic Acid
ANTSAdministrative Notes Technical Supplement (US GPO)
ANTSAdvanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems (symposium)
ANTSAnglo-Norman Text Society
ANTSActive Network Transport System
ANTSAT&T/Novell Telephone Services
ANTSAirborne Night Television System
ANTSAutomatic Navigability Testing System
ANTSAdvanced Naval Training School
ANTSArmy NBCCS Tracking System
ANTSAdaptive Networks, Threats and Solutions (US Army)
ANTSAntenna Subsystem
ANTSApproximate Non-Deterministic Tree Search
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flava, with a few of these little yellow ants still clinging to the fragments of the nest.
sanguinea, and found a number of these ants entering their nest, carrying the dead bodies of F.
But as ants, which are not slave-makers, will, as I have seen, carry off pupae of other species, if scattered near their nests, it is possible that pupae originally stored as food might become developed; and the ants thus unintentionally reared would then follow their proper instincts, and do what work they could.
This ant is absolutely dependent on its slaves; without their aid, the species would certainly become extinct in a single year.
Huber to be a slave-making ant. This species is found in the southern parts of England, and its habits have been attended to by Mr.
(Ant. 1) On the Labdacidae I see descending Woe upon woe; from days of old some god Laid on the race a malison, and his rod Scourges each age with sorrows never ending.
(Ant. 2) Hope flits about never-wearying wings; Profit to some, to some light loves she brings, But no man knoweth how her gifts may turn, Till 'neath his feet the treacherous ashes burn.
(Ant. 2) My curse on him whoe'er unrived The waif's fell fetters and my life revived!
Slow-acting pesticides that ants don't recognize as poison can do this.
The Florida ant species, known as Formica archboldi, revealed some of its decor secrets in a study conducted by North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and North Carolina State University scientist Adrian Smith, according to a statement.
Another striking thing about ants is that some of them just sit around doing nothing.
"The period of clear skies and the hottest April day since 1949 may explain the surge in activity, as ants are typically more active in higher temperatures and colonies use sunlight to navigate.