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ANTUAir Navigation Training Unit
ANTUAlphanaphthyl Thiourea
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[In] the representation of antu gerasi berayah [a demon performing a triumphant dance] [...] he is depicted with a small head.
And I had to try and see which meat, the beef or the lamb, worked well with the MontGras Intriga Cabernet Sauvignon and the MontGras Antu Limited Syrah--both offered full-bodied tastes and darker fruit flavors.
The nearest town, Lubok Antu, can only be reached by a 4- to 6-hour boat ride to the jetty at Batang Ai dam.
Human exposure to ANTU could be through ingestion, inhalation, or skin contact with the recommended occupational airborne exposure over an average of a ten-hour work shift is 0.3 mg/[m.sup.3], while an exposure of 100 mg/[m.sup.3] has been reported to be dangerous for human health [3].
The representation that recurs throughout the central design of the British Museum's lebur api is called the antu gerasi berayah or dancing giant hunter-demon (six rows of three representations each).
The difference in turbidity (ANTU) between the heated and non-heated wine samples was proportional to the protein instability, where a ANTU of less than 2.0 is considered heat/protein stable.
The cloth is used for specific healing scenarios and becomes an extension of the shaman's performing body, adding to the dance imagery when a spirit-character is physicalised through its performance (bu'main 'antu).
A few years ago Lembang moved with the support of the Sarawak State Government from Nanga Sumpa to Lubok Antu which is an easily accessible and larger village connected to the land-route, in the pursuit of better working conditions.
For example, Sather tells us that among the Sarabas Iban, most spirits become ancestors during the house-building ritual (Gawai Antu).