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ANYAAcronym Not Yet Assigned (Intel)
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Anya, who attends Alvechurch CofE Middle School, said: "I'm over the moon and couldn't believe it when they called out my name.
Anya Molokova, a consultant at MacNeice House Child and Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Unit in Belfast, has come on board the case alongside the family's social worker.
I couldn't make up my mind for about four weeks after she was born but then I decided she looked most like an Anya.
The UK's leading accessories designer Anya Hindmarch has produceda limited edition environmentally friendly designer shopping bagfor global social change movementWe Are What We Do.
An outdoor scene set in a field is spiced up first by the servants Dunyasha (Jennifer Dundas) and Yasha (Peter Cambor), and, later, by the student Trofimov (Jason Butler Harner), flirting purposefully with Anya.
Last night a friend said: "Duncan and Anya couldn't be happier.
Anya, 30, who is reported to have lost pounds 20,000 in one of Foster's dodgy slimming ventures, later told a friend about her romp.
Anya said: "Christmas is my favourite time of the year and at home it's always me that gets to put up the lights, so I've definitely got the right experience.
Anya, from Nottingham, is a student at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, but will concentrate on the PS7-an-hour seasonal job for the next few weeks.
Anya, the biggest success story to emerge from former England boss Glenn Hoddle's academy in Spain or rejects and recycled talent, is not your average footballer.
Emma underwent a year of chemotherapy and while spending time in the cancer treatment center Anya quickly learned the importance of connecting with others as they suffered.
Anya said: "Tarantino is the king of homage and we're paying homage to him.