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Anya, pictured below, is described as 5ft 4ins tall and of slim build, with brown hair.
He cited the level of personal service by Anya management and staff, who welcomed him and his wife, even calling them by their names during their stay, offering personal touches that made their time memorable.
Turner Prize-nominated Anya works with organic materials, such as cut flowers, fruit, chocolate, sugar, ice, burning candles and salt.
Anya said: "I couldn't be happier to tell this amazing and atmospheric story with such a wonderful group of people.
In a desperate bid for Anya not to be alone after her sister's death, May, 33, and her husband Julian, 50, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, made the astonishing decision to have another baby - aware that that child too could be born with the condition.
Anya admits he thought Scotland had done enough to seal the three points after a sublime free-kick double from Leigh Griffiths.
Through the woods surrounding Trallonia, farther than she has ever traveled, Anya journeys with Ardent, a faithful royal dog; Shrub, a would-be thief transformed into a newt; and Smoothie, a river otter transformed into a girl.
Although honoured to be part of the glamour friendly, Anya was left with a sense of what might have been.
Anya said: "Christmas is my favourite time of the year and at home it's always me that gets to put up the lights, so I've definitely got the right experience for the job.
Reports have suggested the Parkhead club are keen on Sunderland hitman Fletcher and Watford winger Anya.
The numbers using foodbanks will keep on going up and up but, thanks to youngsters like Anya, initiatives of this kind do make a big difference.
Moscow-born Anya Kvitka can draw on R&B, hip-hop, soul or jazz with equal ease thanks to her international music background and 20 years of classical piano training.