AoIRAssociation of Internet Researchers
AOIRArea of Intelligence Responsibility
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amp; the AoIR ethics working group (2002) Ethical decision-making and Internet research: Recommendations from the AoIR ethics working committee.
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Due to the legal complexities and sensitive nature of CI and HUMINT operations, the 2X provides technical control and oversight of all CI and HUMINT assets operating within his designated AOIR.
The * 2X staff will be responsible for the integration, correlation, and fusion of all human sensor information into the Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A), the future Intelligence Battlefield Operating System (IBOS) within the * 2X AOIR.
Exercises technical control over all CI entities in the designated AOIR and deconflicts CI activities with higher, lower, and adjacent CI elements.
Analysis and production are driven by expressed and anticipated information requirements on an AO, AOI, and AOIR.
A technical control and support element to coordinate, deconflict, and synchronize all HUMINT and CI activities in the area of intelligence responsibility while providing an analysis capability that provides predictive intelligence products for the AOIR, area of influence, and area of interest.
This conference and AoIR encourage a rich, multifaceted discussion, and are excellent vantage points for learning about experimentation with the aspects of this medium and the many creative projects that attempt to address inequities brought about by its adoption.
The AoIR is positioning itself as a center for the exchange of findings and methods for academic researchers.
The brigade S2 section, based on recommendations from the ISR integration platoon, arrayed their collection resources in the AOIR.
Allied, theater, and national HUMINT and CI elements in the AOIR provided reports to the S2X, either in hard copy or via the SIPRNET.