AOPSArt of Problem Solving
AOPSAir Operations
AOPSArctic/Offshore Patrol Ship
AOPSAbstract of Operations
AOPSAutomated Office Protocol Standard
AOPSAll-Optical Packet Switching
AOPSAbstract of Operations System (US Coast Guard)
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Although the development of AOPs has a great potential to address existing knowledge gaps, AOP development and assembly is laborious and time-consuming, since extensive toxicity data need to be gathered.
As a further step, quantitative AOPs (qAOPs) providing dose-time response predictions would be valuable for risk assessment.
Findings of the study clearly revealed that synthetic dye (Remazol Black B) effluent was degraded successfully by all examined advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) except UV alone irradiation at feasible treatment time, initial pH and adequate H2O2 dose value.
By using an EPR spin-trapping technique, the intrinsic generation of short-lived radicals such as *OH produced during AOPs can be identified, quantified and monitored.
Irving will soon be unveiling the first Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS), an opportunity for some CANSEC exhibitors to point out their achievements on the project.
Shows proposed modified WBA tools that divide the WBA into formative encounters, referred to as 'Supervised Learning Events' (or SLES), and summative encounters; referred to as 'assessments of performance' (or AoPs).
Role of AOPs as an effective chemical treatment is to degrade toxics and minimize the pollutants from the water that is investigated in this section.
The optical properties of ocean can be roughly classified as inherent optical properties (IOPs) and apparent optical properties (AOPs).
As alternative, the advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) have emerged and received special attention due to the possibility to be helpful in the transformation of organic compounds into carbon dioxide and water at moderate operation conditions by means of potent oxidant agents and low cost and widely available reagents [8-11].
Tax Directory of all taxpayers revealed that the total number of corporations, Association of Persons (AOPs) and individuals, who have filed their returns for Tax Year 2015, has increased to 1,074,418 as compared to 856,228 in tax year 2014, reflecting an increase of 2,18,190.
Among them, the use of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) may be a useful method that could be highly convenient to obtain seawater free of infection.
This article draws upon concepts of "terroir" (defined below), geographic indications, and American Origin Products (AOPs) to explain both ginseng's rural development advantages and some of the challenges facing the U.S.