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ÄOÄlykkyysosamäärä (Finnish: Intelligence Quotient)
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An avid and experienced outdoor sportsman, he was climbing with friends in Aosta, Northern Italy, when an avalanche occurred.
A statement issued to the media from his family co rmed Mr Casey had been killed when he was swept away by the avalanche while climbing with a group of friends in the Aosta region.
NOON Get on my BMW GS 800 and ride to the Col du Petit Saint-Bernard into the Aosta Valley, Italy, for a delicious margarita pizza and an hour or two at the Pre-Saint Didier thermal spa.
People are reported fleeing stores and offices in Milano, Bologna and the Aosta Valley near the border with France.
She married Prince Amadeo, Duke of Aosta, the former king of Spain in 1888.
The German-born leader of the world's Catholic congregation walked unsupported into hospital in the city of Aosta in northern Italy, where he is on holiday.
The Holy Father fell over, it is nothing serious and he has gone to the Parini hospital in Aosta for a check up, The Telegraph quoted Pope's spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, as saying.
In the Italian Alps, a guide found the body of a British man and a man from the Netherlands on the Monte Rosa peak in the Aosta region, at an altitude of 13,000 feet.
The tragedy happened on Mount Rosa, close to the city of Aosta in northern Italy - an area that has been hit by unusual weather in recent days.
The scenery is wonderful and the Aosta Valley offers much to the visitor besides.