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APASAntiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome
APASAustralian Paint Approval Scheme (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation; Australia)
APASAstrophysical Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences
APASAndrogynous Peripheral Assembly System (NASA)
APASAsian Pacific American Society (New Orleans, LA)
APASAndrogynous Peripheral Attachment System
APASAerodynamic Preliminary Analysis System
APASAnimal Protective Association of Socorro (New Mexico)
APASAssistant Professor of Aerospace Studies
APASAutomated Pilot Advisory System
APASActive Passive Aircraft Survivability
APASAutomated Plutonium Assay System
APASAdvanced Passive Array Sonobuoy
APASAll Purpose Accounting System
APASAdvanced Passive Sensor
APASAutomatic Performance Analysis
APASAnalyst Projection Assistance System (US Army)
APASAndhra Pradesh Administrative Service (India)
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For controlled taxpayers that achieve an APA with the IRS and the tax authority of the controlled foreign affiliate in bilateral or multilateral APAs (discussed later), there is the assurance that the U.
All APAs are initiated by the taxpayer, although the IRS may suggest the benefits of an APA and urge taxpayers to consider obtaining one.
Whether or not you're granted an APA, you must comply with increased documentation requirements imposed by Congress.
Census Bureau for 2001--2002, APAs have a median household income higher than any other group, minority or majority, in the United States.
APAs may involve agreements with one or more foreign competent authorities under applicable income tax treaties.
APAS assistant is designed to be slim and compact, and it has rollers and an easy-to-operate lock.
2004-40 continues to emphasize bilateral (as opposed to unilateral) APAs (7) and to favor rollback of the agreed transfer pricing methodology (TPM) to open tax years.
The primary objective is to conclude a unilateral APA, or finalize the recommended negotiating position for a bilateral APA, within six months of the date the SBT files the APA request (as opposed to nine to 12 months under the regular APA procedures).
Presumably, APAs would not be particularly appealing to taxpayers that push the envelope in transfer-pricing matters, have done so in the past, and wish to continue to do so in the future.
2) The proposed revenue procedure reflects structural changes undertaken by the IRS since the publication of Revenue Procedure 2006-9, which currently governs the procedures for APA requests.
8] APA S-box is better than APA S-box, because its peak is higher than APA S-box and it is more similar to optimal graph.
height, width, and length") according to APA style.