APBEAttributable Net Profit Before Exceptional Items
APBEAsbury Park Board of Education (New Jersey)
APBEAcute Posttraumatic Bacterial Endophthalmitis
APBEAlgae Photo Bioreactors
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Joint with regional forecast prices from APBE (2008), we found the natural gas prices for industry for the three LIBEMOD regions.
To regionalise the data for electricity production APBE (2010) has been used.
APBE (2011) has consumption data for all the federal districts by sector for 2009.
For steam coal and lignite the following approach was used: APBE (2010a) has data for electricity produced in each federal district by fuel in 2009.
'We are thankful to Prime Minister Imran Khan for launching of 'BTAP and Plant for Pakistan Projects under 'Green Pakistan' initiative as these projects have significantly helped in revitalization of the beekeeping and honey production in the country, ' said Salim Khan, President of (APBE and HTA) told reporter during an exclusive interview.