APETAmorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate
APETAssociação Portuguesa de Empresas de Tradução (Portuguese: Portuguese Association of Translation Companies)
APETAccident Progression Event Tree
APETAlgorithms Program Evaluation Tool
APETAdaptable Performance Evaluation Testbed
APETAustralasian Perpetual Equity Trust
APETAvionics Post-mission Evaluation Team
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I never even thought that Embing and Apet would meet and find each other.
The APET test system has a total of 23 components and looks at 33 temperament traits.
less costly APET. Scrap from this sheet structure ends up in a landfill because processors can't effectively reprocess this material with conventional equipment.
Since it was established in 1969, Faerch Plast has built an unrivalled reputation for high quality plastics packaging products, supplying major blue chip customers in the ready meal, fresh meat, cold foods and snacks and ambient food sectors with a wide range of containers and trays produced from PS, CPET, APET, PP, MAPET[R] II and AMPET[R].
The diff from nex das apeT of a lot that sur There was a lack of composure with a lot of hasty changes that surprised people at the game.
MPI of Baltimore provides printed unsupported film, pressure sensitive and paper labels, as well as heat seal pouching, thermoformable APET, and other specialty packaging.
Amorphous poly(ethylene terephthalate) (aPET) is a linear aromatic copolymer synthesized by using the isophthalic acid and terephthalaic acid and ethylene glycol monomers.
* GN Thermoforming Equipment of Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada, has introduced the GN DX series of thermoformers, a line of servo-driven machines that the company says provide greater cutting capacity of APET sheet for food-packaging applications.
APET dog was found hanged to death after it had jumped out of a back garden enclosure in which it had been tethered by its owner, a court was told yesterday.
Based at the Salalah Free Zone, Octal Petrochemicals' integrated PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and APET (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate) production plant is being built at an initial cost of $300 million.
Natralock packaging starts with a theft-resistant, laminated paperboard which is then combined with a clear APET or RPET thermoform to create a visible package that is nearly impossible to tear apart by hand and uses 50-60% less plastic on average than traditional PVC clamshells.
The company's Natralock packaging features theft-resistant, recyclable laminated paperboard that is combined with clear APET or RPET thermoform to create a visible package shell that the company claims is nearly impossible to tear apart by hand, even though it uses 50% to 60% less plastic than the average PVC clamshell.