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The comet's aphelion distance (farthest point from the sun) extends out near the orbit of Jupiter and its orbit has been perturbed several times by the giant planet's gravitational pull over the past 200 years.
With our calculated data, we draw a plot of log (aphelion distance) against log (mass) and is shown in Fig.
where D represents aphelion distance, Mp represents mass and a is a parameter whose values depend on c in the respective cases.
Now, the aphelion distance of any planet with known value of [M.sub.p] be easily calculated using Eq.
Presently, its orbital inclination on the plane of the ecliptic is 26.7[degrees], its orbital eccentricity is 0.534, perihelion distance 1.24 AU, and aphelion distance 4.09 AU.
Nevertheless, they say their exposures would have been deep enough to record Halley even at its aphelion distance of 35.3 a.u., which it will reach in 2023.
This means the object spends most of its time in the outer region of the Main Belt (aphelion distance = 3.864AU) before passing through perihelion at 2.305AU once every 5.42 years.
A recent study of old photographic plates suggests that Chiron is active even at its aphelion distance of 19 a.u.
Evidently, this is due to the fact that the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit is presently decreasing; consequently, the Earth's perihelion distance is gradually increasing while the aphelion distance is decreasing.
At present, its orbital period was 6.9 years and its perihelion and aphelion distances from the Sun were 2.05AU and 5.18AU respectively; this meant that it usually lay between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, never passing inside Mars' orbit but briefly passing outside Jupiter's orbit at each aphelion.
Modern values for Icarus's perihelion and aphelion distances are 17 and 183 million miles, respectively.