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APISAdvance Passenger Information System (airline data interchange system)
APISAdvanced Papyrological Information System
APISAnnual Poverty Indicator Survey (Philippines)
APISApostle Islands National Lakeshore (US National Park Service)
APISApicultural Information and Issues
APISArbeitsdatei PIOS - Innere Sicherheit
APISAccion Popular de Integracion Social (Spanish: People's Action for Social Integration; Mexico)
APISApproved Production Inspection System
APISAlternative Photographic International Symposium (New Mexico)
APISAntarctic Pack-Ice Seals Program (SCAR-GSS)
APISArmor Piercing Incendiary Shells
APISAssociation for Philosophy In Schools
APISActual Platform Implementation Specification (iSMART)
APISAdvanced Personnel Information System
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Federated access to APIs across multiple entities empowers enterprises to create new models for collaborating and monetizing APIs.
The SNIA Fibre Channel working group (SNIA-FCWG) has proposed a common HBA API that allows ISVs to access information that is platform independent, vendor independent, and interoperable.
Over 95 percent of the time and date failures are in the APIs and have nothing to do with the Real-Time Clock.