APKWSAdvanced Precision Kill Weapon System (US Army)
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The tests seek to confirm the production readiness of the APKWS rocket and its ability to meet Navy and Marine Corps requirements, including safely launching from a helicopter, and reliably acquiring, tracking, and hitting laser-designated targets.
The firings tested the performance of APKWS against a variety of requirements and operational scenarios and the rockets were fired from the helicopter at varying altitudes and airspeeds.
APKWS converts the Hydra 70 unguided rocket into a laser-guided rocket through the addition of a mid-body guidance unit developed by BAE Systems.
The mid-body design of the Apkws guidance section allows the use of existing warheads, fuzes and rocket motors.
Following trials under APKWS there have been at least 20 Dagr firings, including airborne launches from the AH-64D, OH-58D and AH-6.
11 and 18, Marine AH-1W Cobra helicopters flying a variety of scenarios fired laser-guided APKWS rockets at targets typical of those encountered in theater.
With this additional Navy order, our Marines in combat will have a continuous supply of APKWS units at their disposal, enhancing their ability to reliably and cost-effectively engage a variety of targets, while minimizing collateral damage," stated by Joseph Tiano, APKWS program manager at BAE Systems.
The guided APKWS combines BAE Systems' Distributed Aperture Semi-Active Laser Seeker (DASALS) with General Dynamics' combat-proven 70mm rocket to provide a low-cost precision munition to the warfighter.
Operational assessment is the final testing in the APKWS development program.
In addition to production of unguided APKWS rockets, General Dynamics was awarded a contract in February 2003 to add a precision guidance system to the 70mm rocket family as part of Block I development of the guided APKWS.
APKWS is a low-cost, low-yield precision munition system that turns a standard 2.
forces and our allies, and we look forward to building on our relationship with General Dynamics as they explore next-generation enhancements to APKWS.