APKWSAdvanced Precision Kill Weapon System (US Army)
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APKWS laser-guided rockets allow militaries to leverage existing munitions and weapons systems investments with minimal effort and training.
Our highly precise APKWS rockets struck targets ranging from 1.
The APKWS is lighter and less expensive than the military's existing inventory of forward-firing laser-guided precision munitions and can be used faster, they said.
The review of APKWS was conducted by the production engineering division of the Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center at the U.
Navy delivered the first fixed-wing aircraft variant of APKWS in March.
The Army told contractors bidding for the APKWS project that the price of each weapon should not exceed $10,000.
With this additional Navy order, our Marines in combat will have a continuous supply of APKWS units at their disposal, enhancing their ability to reliably and cost-effectively engage a variety of targets while minimizing collateral damage," said Joseph Tiano, APKWS program manager at BAE Systems.
The Fire Scout will soon be armed with BAE Systems' APKWS precision-guided rocket.
With the new award, BAE Systems has further reduced the per-unit cost for APKWS laser-guided rockets, reinforcing its commitment to deliver customer value.
The United States Army selected BAE Systems to provide the company's APKWS (Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System) in April 2006.
Marine Corps, which is already effectively utilizing APKWS in theater.
BAE Systems has won a contract worth around a $181 million for the Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System, or APKWS, upgrade kits for the U.