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APNGAnimated Portable Network Graphics (computing)
APNGAsia Pacific Networking Group
APNGAsia Pacific Next Generation
APNGAirlines of Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea)
APNGAugmented Proportional Navigation Guidance Law
APNGAdvanced Practice Nurse in Genetics
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What are the advantages of the APNG or the GCN in clinical practice?
If I have some of the requirements for the APNG or the GCN but do not have everything done by the March 1 deadline, should I still apply?
Will the APNG or the GCN allow me to qualify for a pay raise or a promotion at work?
Will the APNG allow me to obtain a license as an advanced practice nurse?
Will the APNG allow me to obtain reimbursement for my services as an advanced practice nurse?
Both the APNG and the GCN are awarded upon successful completion of a professional portfolio that is scientifically evaluated using carefully designed rating scales based upon criteria defined in the ISONG Standards published by the International Society of Nurses in Genetics, Inc.
Qualified nurses with a master's degree may apply for the APNG as soon as they have met the necessary requirements.
The GNCC has a Support Team for applicants for the APNG and the GCN credentials.
Neither the APNG nor the GCN will allow nurses to qualify for a pay raise or a promotion, unless their employers or agencies for which they work have policies and procedures that permit advancements such as these.
The recognition of the APNG as qualifying the nurse for licensure is completely dependent upon the laws, rules, regulations, and policies of the individual state board.
Recognize and validate nursing expertise in genetics through the APNG credentialing process.
Involved in the Asian Internet community, Adler is active in APNIC (the IP and domain name authority in Asia), APNG (the "coordinating committee for the growth of the Internet in Asia"), and APRICOT (the premier technical conference for ISPs in the Asia/Pacific region).