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Table I.- Apparent total tract digestibility co-efficient of dry matter retention, organic matter, nitrogen, fat, ash, crude fiber, calcium phosphorus phytate and apparent metabolizable energy of red and white sorghum in broilers at day 21.
Measurement of Apparent Metabolizable Energy (AME): To measure the metabolizable energy (kcal/kg), 5 birds from each replicate group were transferred to specialized metabolic cages for digestibility analysis.
Apparent metabolizable energy (aME) and apparent metabolization coefficient of gross energy (CMAEB) of control diet and experimental diet (containing 3% acid silage meal made of pirarucu waste-FSARP) for commercial laying hens.
Specific aims were to: (1) assess nitrogen balance during the testing period, (2) assess nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolizable energy of test diets, (3) assess fat digestibility at different concentrations of salmon oil, (4) compare fat digestibility between two different primary oils (salmon vs corn oils), and (5) calculate the estimated maximum amount of fat excreted by birds fed the different diets as an index of plumage fouling potential.
Table 2--Coefficients of total tract apparent digestibility (CTTAD), apparent metabolizable energy (AME) of food, faecal characteristics, intestinal transit time and gas area of cats fed with diets with different amounts of corn gluten feed without steep water (CGF) substituted for wheat bran.
Apparent metabolizable energy and prediction equations for reduced- oil corn distillers dried grains with solubles in broiler chicks from 10 to 18 days of age.
Determination of apparent metabolizable energy: AME was measured in the three experimental diets: i) basic diet of maize-soybean meal (MS) (Table 1), ii) 75% basic diet plus 25% whole lupine seed, and iii) 75% basic diet plus 25% dehulled lupine seed.
Effect of yeast derived carbohydrate fraction on growth performance, apparent metabolizable energy, mineral retention and gut histomorphology of broilers during starter phase.
CB positively influenced th e value of nitrogen corrected apparent metabolizable energy (AME N) by about average 6% (PD and MD) in comparison to the control birds.
Comparison of inert markers [chromic oxide or insoluble ash (Celite TM)] for determining the apparent metabolizable energy of wheat or barley based broiler diets with or without enzymes.
Effect of phytase enzyme on dietary nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolizable energy and ileal digestibility of nitrogen and amino acids in broiler chicks.