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ABBlood Type
ABAlcoholic Beverage
ABAirman Basic
ABAssembly Bill
ABAbonnement (philatelic catalog subscription)
ABAir Base
ABAbility to Perform (Common Feature; Capability Maturity Model Integration)
ABAdult Baby
ABAberdeen (postcode, UK)
ABAddress Book
ABAngry Birds (gaming)
ABAt Bat (baseball, softball)
ABAction By (Internet slang)
ABAbort (ITU-T)
ABAncienne Belgique (Brussels, Belgium cultural center)
ABAnrufbeantworter (German: telephone answering machine)
ABApplied Biosystems
ABAll Blacks (New Zealand's national rugby team)
ABAir Bag
ABAftonbladet (Swedish newspaper)
ABAirbase (US DoD)
ABAmerican Beauty (movie)
ABApple Bottoms (clothing line)
ABAlter Bridge (band)
ABAble Seaman
ABApple Bloom (My Little Pony)
ABAltbau (German: older building)
ABAdded Benefit
ABAktiebolag (Swedish: Limited Company on shares)
ABAnheuser-Busch (brewery)
ABAppellate Body (various organizations)
ABAlec Baldwin
ABAgriculture Biologique (French national logo for organic products)
ABAndrea Bocelli (Italian opera tenor)
ABAmitabh Bachchan (Indian actor)
ABAlgemeen Bestuur (Dutch: General Board)
ABAvailable Balance (banking)
ABAlton Brown (Good Eats TV show host)
ABAtomic Bomb
ABAchtung Baby (U2 album)
ABAll Before
ABAsha Bhosle (Indian singer)
ABAction Button
ABAcid Bath (band)
ABAntigen Binding
ABAble Bodied Seaman
ABAcross Boundaries (mental health center; Canada)
ABAmerican Bandstand
ABAnchor Bay (DVD supplier)
ABAdministrative Board
ABArt Bell
ABArcane Brilliance (World of Warcraft gaming)
ABAmplified Bible
ABAdaptive Behavior
ABAbsidia (fungi)
ABAaron Brooks (football player)
ABAcquisition Board
ABAnchor Bolt
ABActive Badge
ABAnswer Back
ABAndhra Bank
ABAccess Burst
ABApical-to-Basolateral (microbiology)
ABAngelina Ballerina (American Girl doll)
ABAlt.binaries (newsgroups)
ABAlgebraic Biology
ABAir Blast
ABAfter-Burner (game)
ABAryan Brotherhood (white power group)
ABAquabats (band)
ABAir Berlin GmbH (Germany)
ABAdhesive Bonding
ABArchie Bunker (TV character)
ABsignal ground
ABArt Building (university)
ABAlcian Blue
ABAppenzeller Bahnen (German; Swiss railway company)
ABArathi Basin (World of Warcraft gaming)
ABAssembly Building
ABAid to the Blind
ABAccounts Branch
ABAppearance Bond (criminal justice)
ABAddress Bus
ABAfter Body
ABAnchor Blue (retail clothing store)
ABAschaffenburg, Germany (license plate)
ABAggregate Base (construction)
ABAntiquarian Booksellers
ABArmy Brigade
ABAir Burst
ABAmusement Business (magazine)
ABArab Bank PLC
ABAlpha Blue (Star Wars Intelligence Group)
ABAviation Boatswain's Mate (USN Rating)
ABAneroid Barometer
ABAsthmatic Bronchitis
ABAttentional Blink
ABAviation Boatswain's Mate Petty Officer (US Navy Rank)
ABArtium Baccalaureus
ABAtomic Bomberman (game)
ABAir Break
ABAsh Bin
ABCrane Ship
ABAuthorization Basis
ABAddress Buffer
ABAlliance Battle (video game)
ABAdministrative Bulletin
ABApplix Builder (file extension)
ABAlongside Berth (ships)
ABAvionics Bay
ABAssez Beau (French: fair to good; philately)
ABAsbestos Body
ABApex Beat
ABAvrupa Birliði (Turkish: European Union)
ABArchibald Brown (philatelic marking of British East Africa colony)
ABAdvanced Bus
ABAlliance of Baptists
ABAsesores Bursátiles (Spanish company)
ABAvropa Birliyi (Azerbaijanian: European Union)
ABAccelerated Budget
ABAlmost Bent (function)
ABArctic Brotherhood
ABAkbar & Birbal (Hindi TV series)
ABAssumed Benefit (type of qualified retirement plan)
ABAllocated Baseline
ABAlchoholic Beverage
ABArc Brazing
ABAsker and Bærum (Norwegian hospital)
ABAyan Baqur (Asheron's Call game)
ABAfter Blackout
ABAssault Breaker
ABAlabaster Blue (University of New Hampshire a-capella group)
ABAsymmetric Balance
ABAxial Blanket (test)
ABAcmlmBoard (message board system)
ABAdiabatic Bend
ABAltered Beasts (game)
ABAllen Bradley Corporation
ABArtis Baccularatum (Latin: Bachelor of Arts) University Degree
ABArray Bending
ABArbeidsvoorwaarden en Beroepskwaliteit
ABAirborne Bombing
ABBothropic Antivenom
ABAuntbrenda.com (Atlanta, GA)
ABArmeé Brittanique (British philatelic handstamp 1748)
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Sirleaf had been released from further detention on medical grounds.Ruling on the defense team's 'motion to extend existing criminal appearance bond to additional charge of money laundering' and prosecution's resistance to it, Judge Dixon indicates that the motion is unprecedented and contrary to the practice here.
Carson told Menchaca he was to have no contact with any of the alleged victims, if he posts his secured appearance bond of $15,000 and is released.
The Court of Appeals held that, because an order extending due date of appearance bond created an ambiguity with respect to the due date of the appearance bond, the District Court abused its discretion by denying appellant's reinstatement petition as untimely.
During an earlier appearance Bond had been told not to contact his brother, but this bail condition was dropped as it was Eric who had suggested the compromise.
The government's lawyers say the criminal appearance bond filed in favor of defendant Weeks has a title deed in the name of NASSCORP boss Mr.
(B) execution of an unsecured appearance bond in an amount specified by the judge;
Magistrate Peabody, however, informed the defendants that they are required to satisfy the statute by filing the appropriate criminal appearance bond to commensurate with the crimes charged, or be incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison if they failed or refused to proffer the required bonds.
He however instructed the defendants to proffer the appropriate criminal appearance bond commensurate the crime charged, warning that if they fail to so do, they will be turned over to the sheriff of court who have them incarcerated at the MCP pending the issuance of the criminal appearance bond.Meanwhile, only co - defendant Antia's lawyer was able to file a bond and secured her release, while the rest Deddeh, Stephanie and Charlotte were sent to jail at the Monrovia Central Prison due to their failure to file their bonds.As per the court's instruction, they will remain incarcerated pending the filing of their criminal appearance bond.
ISLAMABAD:A Rawalpindi magistrate on Thursday, ordered assistant registrar of the supreme court (SC) to submit the appearance bonds to face trial in a gun attack case.Judicial magistrate Muhammad Owais had summoned SC assistant registrar Ghulam Ghous and several other office bearers of the SC Employees Cooperative Housing Society (SCECHS) following a complaint by the society's developer and landowner Akash Afzal.
Picture younger sense alienated from a parent or guardian just after their mum and also pops happened in jail for a considerable amount of time with very little capability get hold of all of them as well as appearance bonds. Holding phone fees for jail prisoners can help these in just, as well as these on the outside too.
They are the bondsman on 49th Street and offer bail bonds, appearance bonds, arrest warrants assistance.