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AIIEAmerican Institute of Industrial Engineers
AIIEApple IIE (Apple computer)
AIIEAqaba International Industrial Estate (Jordan)
AIIEAssociazione Italiana Informatica Etica (Italian: Italian Association of Computer Ethics)
AIIEAnales del Instituto de Investigaciónes Esteticas (Spanish: Annals of the Institute of Aesthetic Research)
AIIEAcupuncture International Import & Export (France)
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Summary: California [USA], February 18 (ANI): Attics are wonderful places, they hold memories and plenty of other long forgotten things such as an Apple IIe. ThataACAOs what Professor John Pfaff discovered when he combed through his parentsaACAO attic.
Going into an office where "green screens" still exist will seem utterly foreign to the 2019 class of college grads who likely never used an Apple IIe, like me and many of my cohorts did in elementary school.
Or skip the Spheres and instead spend the morning at the Living Computers: Museum + Labs, a fascinating technology museum filled with computing artefacts, like the Oregon Trail on an Apple IIe, and cutting-edge exhibits about convolutional neural networks and a 3D-printed self-driving car.
It's about tech, which is something I've loved since I was a kid learning to code on an Apple IIe. Here we'll be talking about everything from augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and even the data behind social media.
Sean's fascination with technology began at 5 years old with an Apple IIe computer.
My first refereed publication, a comparative analysis of computer literacy for nurses, was typed on that Apple IIe. I vividly remember sharing a floppy disk with my co-author as we wrote, edited, and reedited the manuscript.
The magazine noted the advent of personal computing, offering a business buying guide examining the virtues of such competitors as the Radio Shack TRS-80, the Apple IIe and IBM's entry.
His duties included handling the musicians' finances, which he did with paper and pencil--until he was introduced to an Apple IIe computer, and a spreadsheet program called VisiCalc.
In 1980, I received my first classroom computer, a 128K Apple IIe. I was amazed at how much easier it made my life as a teacher.
Other '80s Cold War fare included Red Dawn, which foresaw Soviet troops storming the US by ground (starting with local high schools and teen centers), War Games, in which Mathew Broderick stars as a precocious teen who, in an effort to change his grades by "hacking" into the school's computer with his Apple IIe, pushes the nation to the brink of nuclear war, and Rocky IV, where Stallone bad to defend the title (and pretty much the free world) against a possibly chemically enhanced and definitely stern-looking Russian killing machine and his long-legged she-trainer (played by Brigitte Nielsen).
But huge technology jumps, such as the move from DOS to Windows or from the Apple IIe to the Macintosh, made those donations inadequate for any practical use.
The Apple IIe is launched to great success and contains the programming language Basic.The Apple Lisa, named after one of the designer's daughters, features the first graphical interface.