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'Dani was the apple of my eye. I didn't have any children yet.
"Apple Of My Eyes" is a digital series written and co-produced by actress Bela Padilla.
To many fans of Taiwanese high-school love-story films, the 2011 romance "You Are the Apple of My Eye", which was based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same title by Taiwanese author Giddens Ko, is definitely a good selection that should not be missed.
They destroyed the Merkava [tank] the apple of my eye - Hamas (Repeated fiv= e times).
Pictures: BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM; LIVE AND LET FLY: Pierce on ride; APPLE OF MY EYE: Pierce tucks in then hugs Keely
"If I have the luxury of time, I'd take someone to the beach," he said in an interview for "Apple Of My Eye," a digital film for iWant TV produced by Dreamscape Digital.
'Apple of My Eye,' which serves as Padilla's first digital project, stars young actors Marco Gumabao and Krystal Reyes.
Just as I was contemplating a glass of milk in the May sunshine, a glimmer of hope caught my eye, the apple of my eye you might say.
She's always been the apple of my eye. She'll take a bit of beating in the Oaks" A happy Michael Bell, as Sariska romps home in the Musidora at York ''The thing about training fillies is the heart.
I had the vasectomy reversed and we had a wee girl who is the apple of my eye.
``I want to spend more time with my family now that I've got a new grandson who is the apple of my eye. I've enjoyed it but the league has got to move on without me.
Best songs were ballad Eve, The Apple Of My Eye - a sad tale of love and loss - and the uplifting I'll See Your Heart And Raise You Mine.