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AKAlaska (US postal abbreviation)
AKAnimal Kingdom (Disney World theme park)
AKAuckland, New Zealand
AKAlicia Keys (singer)
AKArbeitskreis (German: Working Party)
AKAss Kisser
AKActinic Keratosis
AKAsahi Kasei (manufacturer; various locations)
AKApplied Kinesiology
AKAbove Knee (amputation)
AKAny Key
AKAndrei Kirilenko (basketball player)
AKAtomic Kitten (band)
AKArmia Krajowa (Home Army, the Polish Resistance, WWII)
AKArbeiterkammer (Austrian trade union)
AKCommercial Cargo Ship (US DoD ship designation)
AKAga Khan (title of leader of a sect within the Ismaili branch of Islam)
AKAamir Khan (Indian actor)
AKAss Kicking
AKAdenylate Kinase
AKAnthony Kiedis (member of Red Hot Chili Peppers)
AKAstigmatic Keratotomy (eye surgery)
AKAlles Klar (German: All Right, Okay)
AKAvtomat Kalashnikova (Soviet assault rifle)
AKAzad Kashmir
AKAsh Ketchum (Pokémon)
AKApplication Kit
AKAll Knowing
AKAllgemeine Kredit (German: General Credit)
AKAvada Kedavra (Harry Potter)
AKAwesome Kids
AKAndrew Kim
AKAudio Karate (band)
AKAuthorization Key
AKAlternate Key (database theory)
AKAviation Storekeeper
AKArmeekorps (German Army corps)
AKAutomatKarbin (Swedish assault rifle)
AKAdaptation Kit
AKData Acknowledgment (ANSI)
AKAdvanced Kaizen (methodology)
AKAlte Kaker (Yiddish: Old Timer)
AKAnime Kingdom
AKAurora Knights (gaming clan)
AKKnight of the Order of Australia (Obsolete)
AKAutomatic Keying
AKAbu Khader Group (Amman, Jordan)
AKAtari Karts (Atari Jaguar video game)
AKAscension Kit (NetHack)
AKAnte Calendas (Latin: Before the Calends, epigraphy)
AKAnatomic Kinesiology
AK(USN Rating) Aviation Storekeeper
AKAutomatic/Assault Rifle/Carbine/Cannon (Swedish military)
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ODP administers the Homeland Security Grant Program through its annual Homeland Security Grant Program: Program Guidelines and Application Kit, (6) which provides homeland security assistance information and instructions to states and localities for such matters as developing and implementing state and local homeland security strategies.
Application deadlines are also indicated in the PHS 398 application kit.
With more than 240 classes, Cocoa is divided into two essential frameworks: Foundation and Application Kit. Above all else, Cocoa is a toolkit for creating Mac OS X application interfaces, and it provides access to all of the standard Aqua interface components such as menus, toolbars, windows, and buttons.
The TCB No Lye, No Mix One Application kit offers that opportunity.
* To request a copy of the Federal Register notice and a full application kit, e-mail CCB@lcgnet.com or call 1-800-351-2293.
An application kit can be obtained by calling the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Grants Application Center (toll free) - (877) 477-2123.
To receive an AATP application kit, visit www.microsoft.com/aatp, e-mail aatp@msprograms.com or call (800) 508-8454.
The major components of NeXTstep are the Application Kit, the Window Server, the Workspace Manager, and Interface Builder.
The complete U.S citizen naturalization application Kit allows qualified applicants to save time and money, often times unnecessarily spent on attorney legal fees, guide books or hours of online research.
Infineon otters a Hexagon Application Kit that comprises small boards, three of which can connect to the main XMC4500 board.
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