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DAppDecentralized Application
DAppDermatite par Allergie aux Piqûres de Puces (French: Dermatitis by Allergy to Flea Bites)
DAppDevelopment Aid from People to People
DAppDivision Académique des Pensions et des Prestations (French: Academic Division of Pensions and Benefits)
DAppDepartamento de Avaliação Prospectiva e Planeamento (Ministério da Educação, Portugal)
DAppDimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology
DAppData Acquisition and Processing Program (later DMSP)
DAppDistemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus (veterinary medicine)
DAppDefense Acquisition Pilot Program
DAppDual A Posteriori Probability
DAppApplied Dose
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After separating the epidermis from the dermis at the end of the FDC experiment (24 h), the remaining amounts of pellitorine present in the applied dose solution, in the epidermis and in the dermis were determined.
castaneum adults did not show any response against applied doses of sticky goosefoot, tansy and thyme essential oils and LC50 and LC99 values could not be calculated.
The data show efficient delivery of the applied dose of insulin and demonstrate favorable pharmacodynamics of transdermal insulin delivery when compared to a subcutaneous injection of a long-acting insulin analog.
The foliar B content, regardless the applied dose increased with a quadratic function of days and the maximum peak was obtained at 217 days after the nutrient application (Figure 2b), corresponding to the month of December, period of the grain formation.
In computed radiography, the displayed image density is automatically adjusted by system image processing and is dependent on the applied dose.
Relationships among gene, protein, and metabolite expression may then be described as a function of the applied dose of an agent and the ensuing kinetic and dynamic dose-response behavior in various tissue compartments.
5% of an orally applied dose are excreted as free hydroquinone, which is likely responsible for the antiseptic effect.
Building on the findings of earlier preclinical and clinical trials, this trial will evaluate the clinical efficacy of topically applied dose of botulinum toxin to lateral canthal lines and wrinkles, and the clinical results seen at sequential follow-up intervals.
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