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AVRCAdvanced Vehicle Research Center
AVRCAntiviral Research Center (University of California San Diego; California)
AVRCApplied Vision Research Centre (UK)
AVRCAIDS Vaccine Research Committee (now AIDS Vaccine Working Group; US NIH)
AVRCAustralian Volleyball Referees Commission
AVRCAutomated Vendor Report Card
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Professor John Barbur (pictured), director of research at the Applied Vision Research Centre at City, said: "Together, the three research teams will identify/not only what are the optimum qualities of road lighting for pedestrians, but also why they are the optimum qualities.
Colour-blindness research sponsored by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority and the US FAA, and carried out by London City University's Applied Vision Research Centre, has established a more accurate assessment of colour deficiencies in pilot applicants' red-green and yellow-blue colour range.
CITY University's Applied Vision Research Centre in London has helped the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAP) publish new research on the minimum colour vision requirements for professional flight crew.
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