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AFMVAIDS Foundation Miami Valley (Dayton, Ohio)
AFMVAlternative-Fuel Motor Vehicle
AFMVAppraised Fair Market Value
AFMVaggregate fair market value
AFMVAdjusted Fair Market Value
AFMVAir Force motor vehicle
AFMVannual fair market value
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Shareholders, CPAs, and other advisers should be aware that a change from a C corporation to an S corporation or other flowthrough entity could increase the appraised fair market value (FMV) of the entity by 50% or more.
The selling price may not exceed the facility's appraised fair market value, to ensure that the bonds are not being issued to benefit a private party.
In return, the owner can claim a charitable deduction of approximately 10 percent to 15 percent of the entire building's appraised fair market value.
A statement that the appraisal is done for estate or gift tax purposes--if appropriate--the date on which the appraisal was done and the appraised fair market value.
Another important correction we sought and won was a redefinition of consideration on transfer of a troubled property to the lender as its appraised fair market value.
Include a description of the property; its physical condition; the date of contribution; any terms of an agreement by the donor concerning the property's use, sale or disposition; the appraiser's name, address and taxpayer identification number; the appraiser's qualifications, including background, experience and education; a statement that the appraisal was prepared for income tax purposes; the date of the valuation; the property's appraised fair market value on the contribution date; the method used to value the property; and the specific basis for the valuation.