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AMHPApproved Mental Health Professional (UK)
AMHPAmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan
AMHPAuthorised Mental Health Practitioner (Australia)
AMHPAnokhi Museum of Hand Printing (India)
AMHPAllied Mental Health Professional
AMHPAmerican Maritime History Project, Inc. (Kings Point, NY)
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The three people are an approved mental health professional or the nearest relative, a doctor who has been given special training and a registered medical practitioner.
Each chapter refers to National Occupational Standards, learning outcomes, and case studies, and the final chapter considers the role of the Approved Mental Health Professional in England and Wales.
Dafydd Russell Owen, a full-time member of the team for six years, is an Approved Mental Health Professional which means he is often required to assess and decide whether a person needs to be hospitalised because of mental health problems.
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