ArSatEmpresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales (Spanish: Argentina Satellite Solutions Company)
ArSatAmateur Radio Society at Tech (Texas Tech University; Lubbock, TX)
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The steersman, pointing with his paddle, said, "Arsat is there.
Moreover, they disliked Arsat, first as a stranger, and also because he who repairs a ruined house, and dwells in it, proclaims that he is not afraid to live amongst the spirits that haunt the places abandoned by mankind.
The big canoe glided on swiftly, noiselessly, and smoothly, towards Arsat's clearing, till, in a great rattling of poles thrown down, and the loud murmurs of "Allah be praised!" it came with a gentle knock against the crooked piles below the house.
The boatmen with uplifted faces shouted discordantly, "Arsat! O Arsat!" Nobody came.
Then the boat shoved off, and the white man, standing up, confronted Arsat, who had come out through the low door of his hut.
"Enter and see," replied Arsat, in the same calm manner, and turning short round, passed again through the small doorway.
He had known Arsat years ago, in a far country in times of trouble and danger, when no friendship is to be despised.
Arsat came through the doorway with noiseless steps and squatted down by the fire.
"She breathes," said Arsat in a low voice, anticipating the expected question.
Arsat, motionless and shadowy, sitting with bowed head under the stars, was speaking in a low and dreamy tone--
Arsat rose and stood, an indistinct and silent figure above the dying embers of the fire.
Arsat's voice vibrated loudly in the profound peace.