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40) The vita was written at the request of the Aragonese Pope Calixtus III and the Dominican Master General Martial Auribelli, as Ranzano, a fixture at the Naples court of Aragon, makes clear in the prologue to the vita (AASS, April, 1:483, addressing himself to Martial Auribelli: "volens nostri Vincentii gesta mandare memoriae posteritatis, mihi jussisti, ut ea, quae de ejus mirabilibus factis apud Maximum Pontificem universamque Romanam Ecclesiam claris veridicisque testimoniis comprobata sunt, deberem ipse conscribere") and in the letter to Giovanni da Pistoia, cited in note 13, above (Rome, Biblioteca Casanatense, MS 112, fol.
In reality Alexander made the bequest as much for political reasons, to assure Castilian and Aragonese support against his French enemies, as for religious reasons.
Descriptive Statistics of the Surveyed Aragonese Suppliers Employment Total Sample % sample Less than 50 32 11 39.
Incredibly enough, almost none of the writers on the "Cathar phenomenon" seem to have considered this simple elucidation of the whole sequence of events, which would explain another aspect of the matter, also essentially unaddressed: the protection of the alleged heretics by local rulers of unquestioned piety, such as the Aragonese Peter II, famed for crusading against Muslims in Spain.
19) By 1162, Aragonese policy had reverted once more to Sancha.
Sardinia has a long history of being under the control of powerful outside domination: Carthage, Rome, Byzantium, the feuding republics of Pisa and Genoa, the Aragonese, Spain, Savoy, and finally in 1860 the emergent Italian nation have each dominated the island over the last 2500 years.
An aide to the equerry of the royal Aragonese hounds, who accompanied Columbus on his dogless first voyage, was suspicious of the native foods they were forced so often to consume as a sign of goodwill.
There were the Visconti - Sforza Dukes of Milan (a connection here surely to Shakespeare's The Tempest) then there were the Aragonese Kings of Naples.
Contract notice: Supply of personal protective equipment, work clothing accessories and aragonese society for agro-environmental management, slu (sarga).
Film-makers have long been aware of Ischia's beauty though, and the island's iconic Aragonese castle, perched on volcanic rock, has featured in films such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's Cleopatra and, more recently, The Talented Mr Ripley.
di Marco Santoro; Donne nelle dediche di Antonella Orlandi; Echi di notorieta: le donne nella tradizione bibliografica meridionale di Carmela Reale; Le biblioteche delle principesse del regno aragonese di Concetta Bianca; All'ombra degli eredi: l'invisibilita femminile nelle professioni del libro.