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ARAMISAutomated Engineering of Autonomous and Run-Time Evolving Systems (International Workshop)
ARAMISAmerican Rheumatism Association Medical Information System
ARAMISAdministration Research Actions Management Information System (Swiss Information System on Research and Development)
ARAMISAssociation pour la Recherche Avancée en Microélectronique et Intégration de Systèmes (French: Association for Research in Advanced Microelectronics and Systems Integration; Belgium)
ARAMISAdvanced Railway Management and Information System (Thales; Germany)
ARAMISAutomation, Robotics and Machine Intelligence System
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This other Musketeer formed a perfect contrast to his interrogator, who had just designated him by the name of Aramis.
Well, then, let us talk about it, since you desire it," replied Aramis, patiently.
And you--you would pass rather a sad quarter-hour with the Red Duke," replied Aramis.
They say that Monsieur de Buckingham is in France," replied Aramis, with a significant smile which gave to this sentence, apparently so simple, a tolerably scandalous meaning.
I have not my stud here, and Aramis has placed his stables at my disposal.
Charming, according to Aramis, at least, but I think it black; but black seems to be considered handsome by artists: I am sorry for it.
That is Saint-Paterne, the parish preferred by Aramis.
The palace likewise is in the city, and Aramis prefers the faubourgs.
Up to that period, the place which Aramis had held in the worthy governor's estimation was that of a prelate whom he respected and a friend to whom he owed a debt of gratitude; but now he felt himself an inferior, and that Aramis was his master.
Aramis saw that the young man was stretched upon his bed, his face half concealed by his arms.
The young man gave Aramis a piercing glance, and answered, "I thank you.
The young man started; but before he had either assented or denied, Aramis continued, "Not even of the ecclesiastic from whom you were to hear an important revelation?