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Critic Gary Krist says in a review for The New York Times: "Granted, there are times when The Dreamt Land feels overstuffed and chaotically organized, as if Arax decided to include every relevant newspaper feature he's ever proposed to an editor.
With Arax, we have taken the first step to be a part of and accelerate this revolution.
Posteriormente se crea en el 2006 MACAOS (marka de ayllus y comunidades originarios de arax suxta), de la parcialidad de arriba, la que agrupa a 21 comunidades originarias, que conforman siete ayllus aymaras.
But to its credit, Arax offered the largest portions.
Canadian mineral resources company Nitinat Minerals Corp (CVE:NZZ) said it had inked a letter of intent (LoI) to acquire domestic Arax Energy Inc, majority-owned by US-based investment consulting and management services provider Firebird Management LLC, in an all-stock deal worth some CAD8.8m (USD8.7m/EUR6.7m).
(26.) Mark Arax, "Monterey Park Nation's First Suburban Chinatown Series: Asian Impact," Los Angeles Times, April 6, 1987.
It is a striking image by Kurdish artist Arax Nazari, titled Despair and Determination II.
(Tel: 4630128)Concerts:Al-Hussein Cultural Center/ Ras el-Ain: A concert by the Amman Symphony Orchestra with conductor Muhammad Sidiq and Soprano Arax Tchekigian--June 18 at 7:30 pm.
and Karakhanian, A.S.: 1997, Relationships between seismic activity and piezometric level changes in the Arax basin (SW Armenia): Attempt at a typology of seismically induced piezometric anomalies.
Frantz gained notice in recent months for a public dispute with former Times staffer Mark Arax over Frantz's decision not to publish a story by Arax on Armenian genocide.
Writer Mark Arax, over the course of the year that followed, meticulously chronicled the impact of Guzman's death on his family, a narrative enriched by Matt Black's photography.
For example, although Balakian, his siblings, and his parents, Gerard and Arax, successfully maneuver through "the labyrinth of upper-middle-white-class suburbia" (285) and thus publicly assimilate into the dominant American culture, (3) within their home, they assume an identity, in part through their consumption of Armenian food, that the dominant culture would define as ethnic, Other, and thus un-American.