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ARAXAsynchronous Ruby and XML
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Arax admits his obsession with his father's murder may have caused "my outrage and righteousness .
But to its credit, Arax offered the largest portions.
Hoover High Principal Kevin Welsh stands with members of the school's SPIRIT Council, from left, Lizbeth Olivares, Arax Gevorgyan, Sam Kim, Eli Martinez and Cynthia Servellon, students who are working to create more community on campus.
Au fleuve de son nom, hors d'espoir s'esr jette:/Tournd en l'herhe Arax.
Wallace 1926 Miss Marian Borros 1926 Miss Anna Bray 1926 Miss Arax M.
There have also been discussions about the usefulness of implementing such policies in other cities (see Arax, 1994; Turner & Reichman, 1995).
Table 48: OTC Analgesics Market in Japan (2005): Market Share of Leading Players by Value - Lion, Arax, Taisho Pharmaceutical, SS Pharmaceutical, Shionogi, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-19 Strategic Corporate Developments III-19 B.
Bulk spices and seasonings, and also dried fruits, nuts and candy are displayed on stands throughout the packed market, which is located parallel to Arax Street, Burj Hammoud's shopping hub.
Those include the construction of two hydroelectric plants on the Arax river marking the Armenian-Iranian border and a pipeline that will ship Iranian fuel to Armenia.
For copies of the reports call Anya Arax at CLASP, (202) 906-8031 or Karen Schulman at the defense fund, (202) 628-8787.
Armenia's Energy Minister Karen Galustian said a 140-km pipeline is to be built soon from Tabriz to the Arax River, which forms the border between the two countries.