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ARBAAriba, Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
ARBAAmerican Rare Breed Association (dogs)
ARBAAmerican Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.
ARBAAmerican Reference Books Annual (guide to reference books)
ARBAArmy Review Boards Agency
ARBAAcadémie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles (French: Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels; Brussels, Belgium)
ARBAAmerican Road Builders Association
ARBAAmerican Revolution Bicentennial Administration
ARBAAmerican Romney Breeders Association
ARBAAlabama Road Builders Association
ARBAAgrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (Philippines)
ARBAAmerican Red Brangus Association
ARBAAmateur Rose Breeders Association
ARBAAdditional Retiree Benefit Account
ARBAAlberta Rabbit Breeders Association (Canada)
ARBAAssociation of Religious Builders of America
ARBAAmerican Retail Bakers Association
ARBAAdventist Radio Broadcasters Association
ARBAAnasazi Ruin Bike Adventure
ARBAAdaptive Rate-Based Algorithm
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The settlers attacked a 24-year old disabled Palestinian man living near the Kiryat Arba settlement, pushing him off of his mobility scooter and beating him.
As we work with our African partners, our mutual needs change over time and a determination was made that our use of facilities in Arba Minch is no longer necessary," he added.
The funeral took place at the cemetery in Kiryat Arba, and was attended by many members of the Jewish community in Hebron, students and educators from the Otniel yeshiva high school where he worked, as well as his friends and acquaintances.
Falk added that the establishment of this settlement at Al-Rajabi House was a move toward connecting the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba with the other outposts in the old City of Hebron and the Ibrahami Mosque (or Cave of Patriarchs) - site of the 1994 massacre of Palestinians during prayer time by a settler from Kiryat Arba.
Jie reikalingi norint patvirtinti ar paneigti hipoteze, kad panasios arba tokios pacios tarties klaidos daromos abiejose kalbose veidrodzio principu, t.
Atsizvelgiant i materialuji, nekilnojamo kulturos paveldo sektoriu siame straipsnyje ir bus apsistota ties sia sistemos kaip variklio dalimi, labai reiksminga, taciau ne didziausia arba absoliuciai reiksmingiausia jo puse.
Skaitant ir klausantis kalbos, sios kalbines dinamines asociacijos reiskiasi lengvai ir tiesiogiai suvokiant girdimus (audityvinis supratimas) arba grafinius (skaitymas) kalbos stimulus.
Hamas claimed responsibility for Friday's attack in the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba, as well as a suicide bus bombing on Wednesday in the northern city of Haifa that killed 15 people, mostly teenagers.
We just thought that, based on the previous history of Westwood, it was long overdue for revitalization,'' said Ira Smedra, whose Los Angeles-based Arba Group is pouring $106 million into what is known as the Village Center Westwood project.
My companion, a settler from Kiriat Arba, was proud of the building erected by Herod's slave workers some 2,000 years ago as a house of prayer, supposedly over the tomb of Abraham and his family.
Banko garantijos ar draudimo bendroves laidavimo ratu utikrinama suma 7 (septyni) procentai Sutarties kainos (jeigu Sutarties kaina didesne arba lygi 30 000 EUR).
Settlers from the Kiryat Arba settlement near Hebron are offering 40,000 NIS (approx $10,000) to anyone who turnsin theallegedcar-ramming assailant who ran-over an Israeli settler near Al-Fawwar refugee camp two weeks ago.