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AuAurum (Latin: Gold)
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AuEncoded Audio Format (file extension; Sun and NeXT)
AuAuris Uterque (Latin: each ear)
AuAutomated Underwriter
AuAuthentication Unification (Sprint)
AuAvionics Upper (panel)
AuAnställningsutskottet (Swedish: Employment Committee)
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Level of MMP-2 and MMP-9 activities in follicular fluid and seminal plasma of infertile couples (n=74) MMP-2 activity (AU) MMP-2 activity (AU) (Equal volume) (Equal protein) Follicular fluid 68.38[+ or -]1.64 67.60[+ or -]1.66 Seminal plasma 45.03[+ or -]1.12 42.81[+ or -]1.28 MMP-9 activity (AU) MMP-9 activity (AU) (Equal volume) (Equal protein) Follicular fluid 94.94[+ or -]1.48 86.03[+ or -]1.80 Seminal plasma 61.98[+ or -]1.25 62.45[+ or -]1.37 AU is an arbitrary unit that is achieved by dividing the number of pixels of MMP band curved to number of pixel of MMP standard curve Table 2.
Similarly, we set [e.sub.2] to an arbitrary unit vector with an orthogonal projection on the subspace < [e.sub.-1], [e.sub.0], [e.sub.1] > lying on the line with directing vector [r.sub.1] and the angle between this vector and [r.sub.1] equal [[alpha].sub.1], and select the coefficient [c.sub.2] in such a way that for [r.sub.2] = [r.sub.1]-[c.sub.2][e.sub.2] scalar products ([r.sub.2], -[e.sub.2]), ([r.sub.2], -[e.sub.1]), ([r.sub.2], [e.sub.0]), ([r.sub.2], [e.sub.-1]) are equal or, equivalently, angles between [r.sub.2] and the vectors [e.sub.-1], [e.sub.0], -[e.sub.1], -[e.sub.2] are equal.
Vascular leakage was measured as an arbitrary unit. An intact vessel with zero leakage was set as the baseline for this unit.
The basal expression of IL-33 in PMH before infection (day 0) was used as a control and arbitrarily considered as 1 AU (arbitrary unit) which served as a reference for fold change in other conditions.
Now let the column [v.sub.i+1] of [V.sub.k+1] be an arbitrary unit vector such that
There was no statistically significant difference in oxidative stress index (OSI) between the two groups (13.3 [+ or -] 8.5 arbitrary unit and 11.7 [+ or -] 4.0 arbitrary unit, resp.; P = 0.843) Figure 3).
The results were expressed as Arbitrary units, calculated by the following formula: OSI (arbitrary unit) = TOS (umol H2O2 equivalent/L) / TAS (mmol Trolox equivalent/L) x 10.
The training load was determined by multiplying session intensity (RPE) by its duration (minutes), expressed in arbitrary units (AU), for training, performance, and other activities combined over a given day.
a.u., arbitrary units; CXCL, CXC motif ligand; IL, interleukin; TBEV, tick-borne encephalitis virus; TNF, tumor necrosis factor.
The vertical axis displays arbitrary units, while the x-axis shows the chemical shift difference to PCr in ppm.
Levels of IL-17 resulted significantly lower in curcumin-treated sample compared with untreated samples, both in gastric biopsies (0.56 [+ or -] 0.15 arbitrary units (a.u.) vs.
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