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AWFGArbitrary Waveform Generator
AWFGAmerican World Financial Group (lender; various locations)
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Highlights include a new high-power, low-noise analog signal generator and several arbitrary waveform generators.
A variety of Tektronix test equipment, including data timing generators, arbitrary waveform generators, digital phosphor and TDR sampling oscilloscopes, and clock recovery software was recommended as test equipment for the HDMI 1.
1) Digital Srorage Oscilloscope 100 MHz, 2 Channels 2) Digital Srorage Oscilloscope 200 MHz, 2 Channels 3) HIGH FREQUENCY RF SPECTRUM ANALYSER 4) Programmable DC Single Output Power Supply 5) Programmable DC Triple Output Power Supply 6) Arbitrary Waveform Generator 7) Digital Multimeter Table Mount.
Hardware elements included the M8195A arbitrary waveform generator, the E8267D PSG vector signal generator, and the DSOS804A high-definition oscilloscope.
com)-- The Xprotolab Portable - a combination of three electronic instruments: a mixed signal oscilloscope (simultaneously sampling of 2 analog/8-bit/200kHz and 8 digital/1MHz signals), an arbitrary waveform generator and a protocol sniffer.
GaGe, a provider of high-performance PCI Express/PCI digitizer and oscilloscope cards, on Wednesday announced that it has launched its new CompuGen CG4800 PCI Express arbitrary waveform generator.
The model N6030A is a wideband arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) that delivers 1.
There are also the NI PXI-5421 100 MS/s 16-bit arbitrary waveform generator and the NI PXI-5122 100 MS/s 14-bit high-resolution digitizer.
Tenders are invited for Dcu-electrical Arbitrary Waveform Generator Frequency Extension Module
Ltd launches new arbitrary waveform generator with excellent functions SDG5000 series.
The development system supports a variety of I/Q (vector) and FSK/MSK modulation schemes from a user-designed baseband system or a vector-modulated programmable arbitrary waveform generator.