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ASPApplication Service Provider
ASPActive Server Page (Microsoft script engine)
ASPAfter School Program
ASPAssociation of Surfing Professionals
ASPAssociation of Shareware Professionals
ASPAnswer Set Programming
ASPAverage Selling Price
ASPAccredited Staging Professional
ASPATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) Switch Processor
ASPAuthorized Service Provider
ASPAstronomical Society of the Pacific
ASPApplication Server Process (IETF)
ASPAfter Show Party
ASPAdvanced Study Program
ASPAssociation of Support Professionals
ASPApplication Service Provider (web based service)
ASPAustralian Sex Party (political group; Australia)
ASPAkademii Sztuk Pieknych (Polish: Academy of Fine Arts)
ASPAutomatic Savings Plan (banking)
ASPAspartic Acid
ASPAspartate (amino acid)
ASPAssociate Safety Professional (BCSP)
ASPAxel Springer Polska (Polish publishing company)
ASPAmerican Society of Parasitologists
ASPAll Shall Perish (band)
ASPAnalog Signal Processing
ASPAdvanced Sterilization Products (Johnson & Johnson)
ASPAssessment and School Performance (Florida Department of Education)
ASPAppalachia Service Project
ASPAntisocial Personality
ASPAviation Safety Program
ASPAlbus Severus Potter (Harry Potter character)
ASPAvenal State Prison (Avenal, CA)
ASPAcademic Search Premier (database)
ASPAirspace Systems Program
ASPAdvanced Simple Profile (MPEG-4 video)
ASPApplication Software Provider
ASPAutomotive Spare Parts (various locations)
ASPAlpha Sigma Phi (fraternity)
ASPArea Structure Plan (various organizations)
ASPAuxiliary Storage Pool (IBM AS/400 systems)
ASPAdobe Stock Photo
ASPAirport Security Plan (various locations)
ASPApplication Software Platform
ASPAquatic Species Program (US Department of Energy)
ASPAccess Service Provider
ASPAcademic Support Program (various schools)
ASPAcylation Stimulating Protein
ASPAmnesic Shellfish Poisoning
ASPAssociazione Italiana Psicologi (Italian: Italian Association of Psychologists)
ASPAmerican Security Project (Washington, DC)
ASPAlternate Side Parking (New York)
ASPAmerican Solidarity Party (political group)
ASPArkansas State Parks
ASPAmerican State Papers (historical executive and legislative documents)
ASPAssistant Superintendent of Police
ASPAlexander Street Press (publisher; US and UK)
ASPApplication Service Processor
ASPAdvanced Simple Profile
ASPAuxiliary Signal Path
ASPAdvanced Services Platform
ASPAutomatic Spooling Priority
ASPAdvanced Server Package
ASPAuthorized Support Provider
ASPActive Server Page
ASPAtm Switch Processor
ASPApplication Support Process
ASPAbstract Syntax Processor
ASPAsian System Printer
ASPAdvanced Server Program
ASPAutomated Sequence Processor
ASPAbstract Service Primitives
ASPApplication Support Program
ASPApple Service Provider
ASPanti Shock Protection
ASPAuxiliary Storage Pool
ASPApplication Server Portal
ASPApplication Server Platform
ASPAppletalk Session Protocol
ASPActive Splitting Point
ASPAudio Serial Port
ASPAccess Security Program
ASPAssisted Services Program
ASPAssociated Schools Project
ASPApplication Service Provisioning
ASPAgence Science-Presse (Canadian news agency)
ASPAnnual Service Plan (various organizations)
ASPAll Star Performance
ASPActors' Shakespeare Project (Somerville, MA)
ASPAmmunition Supply Point
ASPAfrican Studies Program
ASPAmerican Self-Protection (martial arts)
ASPAdditional Support Programme (UK)
ASPAmerican School of Paris
ASPApple System Profiler
ASPAttestation de Spécialisation Professionnelle (French: Certificate of Professional Specialization)
ASPAmerican Society for Photobiology
ASPApplication Specific Products
ASPApplied Sports Psychology
ASPAmerican Society of Pharmacognosy
ASPAppleTalk Session Protocol (Banyan)
ASPArea Science Park (Italy)
ASPApplication Solution Provider
ASPAssociation of Subspecialty Professors
ASPAmes Straw Poll (politics; Iowa)
ASPAlkaline Surfactant Polymer (flooding)
ASPApplication Specific Processor
ASPAtmospheric Science Program
ASPAmerican Society of Photographers
ASPAcademy of Students of Pharmacy
ASPApproved Service Provider
ASPAgouti-Signaling Protein
ASPAnti-Submarine Patrol
ASPApplied Science Programme (Singapore)
ASPAdvanced Signal Processor
ASPAssociation of Service Providers
ASPAlternative Service Provider
ASPAlternative Sentencing Program
ASPAccounting Service Provider
ASPAnnual Support Plan (various companies)
ASPAnti Skip Protection
ASPAmerican Society of Papyrologists
ASPalt.smokers.pipes (newsgroup)
ASPAgence de Service et de Paiement (French: Service and Payment Agency)
ASPArmy Space Command
ASPArmy Suggestion Program
ASPArc Spraying (welding)
ASPAfter School Prison
ASPAdvanced Stokes Polarimeter
ASPAmerican Selling Price
ASPAlbany Student Press (Albany, NY)
ASPAssociation of Sales Professionals
ASPAsamblea por la Soberanía de los Pueblos (Spanish: Assembly for the Sovereignty of the People; Bolivia)
ASPActuarial Standards of Practice
ASPAudit Service Provider
ASPAircraft Servicing Platform
ASPAdditional Special Pay (US DoD)
ASPAbstract Service Primitive (ATMF)
ASPAmerican Society of Perfumers
ASPAttached Support Processor (IBM)
ASPAutomated System Project
ASPAmerican Society for Plasticulture
ASPSyrian Arab Socialist Party
ASPAircraft Self Protection
ASPAmsterdam SGML Parser (content presentation tool)
ASPAnnual Service Practice
ASPAdvanced Scholars Program (various schools)
ASPAdvisory Services Panel
ASPAccident Sequence Precursor
ASPAuthorized Solutions Provider
ASPAwareness during Sleep Paralysis (sleep disorder)
ASPAustralasian Society for Psychophysiology (est. 1991)
ASPAmerican Scientific Products
ASPAstronaut Support Personnel (NASA)
ASPAviation Screening Program (Australia)
ASPAmerican Soy Products (Saline, MI) (newsgroup)
ASPAlamo Square Press (New Mexico)
ASPApplication Support Provider
ASPAir Systems Program (NAVAIRSYSCOM Reserve Component)
ASPAuto Social Poster (blog plugin)
ASPArray Sonic Processing Report (energy production)
ASPAssociate Supervisor Program
ASPAggregated Switch Procurement
ASPArrival Sequencing Program
ASPAcquisition Systems Protection
ASPAlice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia - Alice Springs (Airport Code)
ASPAdvanced Service Platform (AT&T)
ASPAttitude Sensor Package (space shuttle experiment)
ASPAnnual Education Plan
ASPAssociação Saúde em Português (Portuguese: Portuguese Health Association; Portugal; est. 1993)
ASPAustralian Shooters Party (pro-gun political party)
ASPAdvanced Strip and Passivation (semiconductors)
ASPAddressable Scan Port
ASPAlternate Stock(ing) Point
ASPAuthor Signing Practices (IETF standardization of DKIM Domain Key Identified Mail)
ASPAdjunct Service Point (Bellcore)
ASPAuxiliary Signal Path (Cisco)
ASPAccredited Service Partner
ASPAruba Stacking Protocol (computing)
ASPApplication Service Part (ITI & ANSI)
ASPAll Source Production
ASPAnterior Stromal Puncture (ophthalmologic procedure)
ASPAssignment Source Point (ISDN & ITU-T)
ASPAssociation of Software Professionals
ASPAluminum Steel Polyethylene
ASPAutomatic Snow Pillow
ASPApplication Service Protocols (Sprint)
ASPAdvanced Sensing Products
ASPAsbestos Services Partnership Ltd (UK)
ASPAccreditation Support Package
ASPAcquisition Strategy Process
ASPAdvanced Speech Processor
ASPAeronautical Surveillance Panel (International Civil Aviation Organization; Canada)
ASPAwful Stock Pick
ASPAirborne Sensor Platform
ASPAdvanced System Planning
ASPAir Support Party
ASPAcoustic Surface Plasmon (electron wave present on metal surfaces)
ASPAttached Shuttle Payload
ASPAccident Statistics Program (published by IADC)
ASPArmy Strategic Plan
ASPAssociation-Storing Processor
ASPAutomated Small Purchase
ASPAssigned Speed Potential (sailing)
ASPAssociation of Insurance & Reinsurance Service Providers
ASPAnalysis Specification Package
ASPAuger Sputter Profiling
ASPAperture Stacked Patch (Microstrip Antenna)
ASPArmy Supply Plant
ASPAcute Suppurative Pancreatitis
ASPAlarms and Shutdown Process
ASPAccredited Security Parameter
ASPAvionics Status Panel
ASPAirmobile Support Party
ASPAutonomous Strike Platform
ASPAuto-Speed Port
ASPAvionics Simulation Package
ASPAustralian Siesta Party
ASPAuto Sequence Program
ASPAnti Syphon Pipe
ASPAircrew Status Program
ASPAviation Supply Point
ASPAutomatic Switch to Protection
ASPAFSCN Scheduling Program
ASPAir Start Pressure
ASPAuxiliary Storage and Playback
ASPAttestation de Séjour Provisoire
ASPAffordable System Performance
ASPAutomated Schedule Procedure
ASPArray/Airborne Signal Processor
ASPAdministrative Site Procedures
ASPAuxiliary Service Processor (Sprint)
ASPAbbreviated System Paper
ASPAccelerated String Processor
ASPAcquisition Strategy Panel/Plan/Paper
ASPAugmented Sensory Perception
ASPAdjacent Subcarrier Permutation
ASPAuthorized Staffing Pattern/Plan
ASPAirborne Signal Processor
ASPÁreas Silvestres Protegida (Portuguese: Protected Wildlife Area)
ASPAdvanced Strategic Penetrator
ASPAvailable Spam Protection (software)
ASPAdvanced Strike Plot
ASPAdvertising, Sponsorships, & Promotion
ASPAlan Smithee Project
ASPAmerican Society of Photogrammetry Foundation (Bethesda, MD)
ASPAction Solutions Placements (Vimont, QB, Canada)
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Steel remediation and corrosion protection-essentially perform the following operations:-Dismantling of the cable ducts in the repair areas-concrete repair of semi-high reinforced concrete walls-concrete repair of reinforced concrete pillars-replacement of the cover of The staircase joins with sealing-replacement of the screws in the compound of the purlins to the bars-engineering, delivery and installation of a steel construction console as cold support-mending of the coating on the steel column base-preparation of a foundation increase in the Parking Level 0-mending of the coating to the facade columns-repair of the coating on the railing supports in the stairwells-blind derust and multilayer arc spraying of the stairway nearby bolt-expansion and replacement of guardrails
This process involves arc spraying with twin metal wires on oppositely charged tips that use atomized hot air to deposit the coating onto the substrate [12].
Wire Arc Spraying is also known as a twin-wire arc spray process.
Influence of the particles velocity on the arc spraying coating adhesion, Materials Science 9(4): 334-337.
Another coating system used to provide corrosion resistance, often to offshore structures on-site, is Wire Arc spraying. Wire-Arc thermal sprays provide a dense and strong metal coating and they are an excellent choice for protection against corrosion.
Metal spray coating or thermal arc spraying is a process by which metals are sprayed onto the surface of another material using a high-velocity continuous combustion process.
A new twin wire arc spraying (TWAS) process was invented to coat cylinder running surfaces with coating layers just 0.1 mm thick.
Another coating system used to provide corrosion resistance, often to offshore structures on-site, is Wire Arc spraying. WireArc thermal sprays provide a dense and strong metal coating and they are an excellent choice for protection against corrosion.
After five years of use exclusively in AMG engines, twin-wire arc spraying technology will now also be used in the series production of Mercedes-Benz diesel engines.
Following are 26 chapters addressing microporous carbon membranes; metallic membranes by wire arc spraying; inorganic hollow fiber membranes for chemical reaction; preparation by cold rolling and diffusion welding; oxygen permeation; and nanostructured perovskites for the fabrication of thin ceramic membranes and related phenomena--to name just a few of the various materials, fabrication methods, and applications.
A comparison of the abrasive wear behaviour of iron--chromium based hardfaced coatings deposited by SMAW and electric arc spraying, Wear 264: 542-549.
High-velocity arc spraying technique is a widely used traditional spraying technology [14-16], which utilizes an electric arc as a heat source to melt wires into droplets, which are sprayed onto the substrate by high-velocity compressed air.