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Audio will be purchased by the archive server and storage performance and functionality of the extension.
Extensis, a provider of workflow solutions and a division of Celartem Inc, today announced the addition of a new image archive server to its Portfolio line of Digital Asset Management (DAM) products.
It is imperative that organizations not only implement solutions to meet their eDiscovery and Compliance needs, but also protect the archive server in case of a disaster.
Using specialty software installed on the existing Gateway, copies of all email being sent and received are copied to the archive server.
Archive Manager uses Quest's migration technology to consolidate personal folder (PST) files and online messaging data to a central archive server for unproved security.
The need for mailbox quotas or local PST files is also eliminated; existing PST files can be brought under management quickly as the e-mail archive server scans, discovers and imports these files to the archive storage.
According to the company, DISUK's Paranoia2 data encryption appliance is deployed between the archive server and the optical media library, and encrypts data during transfer.
EVault ArcWare, an archive server offering policy-based file archiving, has been introduced by EVault Inc, a data protection solutions company, expanding the company's suite of data protection solutions for the mid-market.
Contract notice: Provision of PACS archive server, ard disk-based storage, Rack components, First dual-interpreting workstation