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ARCSECArcus Secant
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Accuracy of both instruments horizontal angle measurements is sufficient and falls in the stated limits of 5 arcsec st.
Underscoring the third-party nature of the ArcSec analysis, PatchLink notes that the firm's findings also indicate a need for improved reporting in PATCHLINK UPDATE.
La Caille and his contemporaries in the mid-eighteenth century could make catalogues to a better standard, achieving errors around 3 arcsec.
5 (10 arcsec measurement aperture) on 1996 March 10, 22:00 UT, i.
Surprisingly, I discovered two stars located within 10 arcsec of the expansion centre of the radio emission that are characterised by pronounced long term variations and one star with high proper motion.
The planet is heading towards solar conjunction in 2013, and as I write this note in 2012 early November it is less than 5 arcsec in diameter and in extreme southern declination.
The high torque motors on both RA and DEC axes offer superior performance: 3 arcsec RMS pointing, 0.