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SIN-13-morpholinosydnonimine (compound that spontaneously releases both nitric oxide and superoxide)
SIN-1Arcsine (usually written sin ^-1; scientific calculator button)
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Degrees of freedom ((df) and F-statistics (F) of a repeated-measures ANOVA of arcsine transformed volumetric soil moisture ([THETA]) and leaf area index (LAI) during the 2010 growing season in factorial nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) addition field experiment in a restored temperate grassland near Buffalo, New York.
To meet the assumptions of the ANOVA, the parasitism data were transformed using the arcsine square-root transformation.
05 (ANOVA followed by LSD post-test); percent data were arcsine transformed before ANOVA, but data in table are back transformations; n = 15; * Significance at P [less than or equal to] 0.
Analysis of variance with LSD was performed to rank the quality of seed lots, and arcsine transformation was applied to percentages before analysis.
NGR values were transformed using an arcsine method (specifically, p[prime] = arcsine [p.
If this is the case, pooling may be advisable, and the allele frequencies may also be arcsine transformed (e.
Proportional data were treated with the arcsine transformation before statistical evaluation.
Mean proportions of diapausing eggs produced per female were arcsine transformed and compared using ANOVA with least-significant-difference tests for multiple comparisons.
Proportion pollen germinated was arcsine square-root transformed prior to analysis to improve normality.