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SIN-1Arcsine (usually written sin ^-1; scientific calculator button)
SIN-13-morpholinosydnonimine (compound that spontaneously releases both nitric oxide and superoxide)
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Table 1 Analysis of covariance testing fertilization success (arcsine transformed) as a function of male and female identity and their interaction with the covariates of sperm concentration and the polynomial of sperm concentration (polysperm) Source df Type ID SS MS F P> F Female ID 23 1.626 0.071 2.48 0.0015 Male ID 6 1.497 0.249 8.76 0.0001 Sperm 1 0.338 0.338 11.85 0.0009 Polysperm 1 0.439 0.439 15.42 0.0002 Female x male 86 1.626 0.019 0.66 0.9686 Male x polysperm 14 2.730 0.195 6.85 0.0001 Error 80 2.279 0.208 Corrected total 267 42.211 SS.
To assess the capability of the different materials to absorb moisture from the soil, moisture levels (%) were transformed to arcsine square root prior to analysis with 1-way ANOVA.
The design of the restaurant takes its cues from the style of the lobby renovations, with clean modern design also by Arcsine. The designers embraced the original modernist architecture while adding modest contemporary touches, including refined furniture and elegantly simple light fixtures.
circulans + USDA2478 42.21 (45.18) 45.69 (51.14) 43.95 LSD (Bacteria) 8.28 LSD ( Interaction) 11.71 (*) Data out of brackets are arcsine transformed for analysis (**) Data between brackets are original data (#) YEMB: Yeast Extract Mannitol Broth Table 2: Effects of bacterial strains and their combinations on O.
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The percent data was transformed by arcsine square root to improve normality of the residuals.
Consumption percentages were transformed to arcsine square root and then compared as independent variables using the Student's t-test (5% probability).
Statistical analyses.--We used a repeated-measures ANOVA for total % nitrogen (arcsine square-root transformed), with wolf use (high vs.
All the data were transformed to arcsine in order to meet the assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variances, and then submitted to an analysis of variance (ANOVA) with mean values being compared by the Scott-Knott test.
Data on percentage germination and haustorial initiation were calculated for each disc, transformed to arcsine and subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA).