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(11) This is not exactly "if we ignore it, it will go away," but more "we'll wait until we're asked." The 2013 Strategy also observed that future projections of Arctic activity may be inaccurate; cautioned that there may be fiscal constraints to new Arctic support initiatives; and felt that being "too aggressive" in addressing future security risks may create "conditions of mistrust." (12) The 2016 version also is littered with caveats: "Arctic operations are inherently difficult and dangerous;" "DOD has few niche capabilities;" "DOD will reevaluate capabilities ...
A May 2011 DOD report to Congress on Arctic operations and the Northwest Passage that was prepared at congressional direction (284) stated:
Many local and Alaska Native officials praised the Coast Guard's coordination efforts on its summer Arctic operations, for example.
1949c Naval Arctic Operations Handbook (Washington, DC: Arctic and Cold Weather Coordinating Committee of the Office of Chief of Naval Operations, Department of the Navy)
Sweden uses it in Arctic operations and its short-take-off and landing capabilities and dog fighting maneuverability is attracting fans ...
UMIAQ Environmental has the capability to support Alaska and Arctic operations through the development of oil spill response plans, emergency response plans, incident management expertise, National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) documentation, and permit packages for even the most challenging projects.
By 2020, the Navy will increase the number of personnel trained in Arctic operations. The Navy will grow expertise in all domains by continuing to participate in exercises, scientific missions, and personnel exchanges in Arctic-like conditions.
Equally important to the success of Arctic operations are the Navy's partnerships with allied Arctic nations such as Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.
Greenpeace criticizes what it claims is Gazprom's lack of a spill response plan for its Arctic operations.
The Norwegian shipbuilder Aker Yards ASA said on Monday (17 July) that it had signed a contract with the Russian mining company Norilsk Nickel for delivery of four container/cargo ships for arctic operations, with an option for a fifth newbuilding.
Nuclear submarines and their Arctic operations are amply covered by other published (and no doubt many still-classified) documents, so this book's real contribution has to be its thoughtful coverage of the dirigible adventure.
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