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Some of experiences on offer include hiking in the Hollywood Hills, whale watching in Victoria, touring the infamous Area 51 in Nevada, private surf lessons in Santa Monica and taking a graffiti lesson in New York.
The most persistent theory is that a crashed alien spacecraft and its passengers are being stored at Area 51 after being recovered from Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.
Kelly Johnson concurred, and the CIA set up Area 51 inside the nuclear test area for additional intrusion protection.
John Leonard, from Area 51, says: "First Order and Resistance characters regularly come out to play for a Star Wars laser battle experience you can star in yourself.
The artists at Area 51 specialise in hyper-realistic tattoos featuring characters and scenes from sci-fi films and pop culture.
Area 51 Entertainment's first film slated for production is currently going by the production titled of “Coming out for Christmas.
government officials hesitated to acknowledge even the existence of Area 51.
The theory goes that the aliens and their wrecked craft were taken to Area 51 for examination and that scientists set up future meetings in the desert with other alien life-forms.
The government acknowledged the existence of the mysterious aviation test site known as Area 51, a remote installation about 80 miles (130 km) northwest of Las Vegas, in a newly declassified CIA history of its U-2 spy plane program.
A newly declassified CIA document confirms the existence of famed Area 51 in Nevada, but conspiracy theorists will be disappointed the spy agency offers no proof of alien spaceship landings in the desert.
BRITAIN'S Got Talent judge Simon Cowell wants to take Warwickshire sci-fi dance group Area 51 home with him.
It looks like our own Area 51," London's Daily Telegraph newspaper quoted a Chinese website, Baidu user, as saying.