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AVTSArea Vocational Technical School
AVTSAllocation aux Vieux Travailleurs Salariés (French: Allowance for Elderly Employed Persons)
AVTSAd Valorem Tax Surcharge
AVTSAudio Visual Technical Services
AVTSAT&T Virtual Tunneling Service
AVTSAutomatic Vehicle Test System
AVTSAutomated Visual Technology System
AVTSAuxiliary Vehicle Test Stand
AVTSAir Vehicle Training System
AVTSAutomatic Vessel Tracking System (Fugro Data Solutions)
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Using 2,172 students who graduated vocational education programs in Area Vocational Technical Schools and enrolled as freshman (first-time young students) in public two-year and four-year colleges and universities in the 1996 fall semester, I conducted cohort analyses to exam the retention trend by gender and race.
However, vocational education graduates from Missouri Area Vocational Technical Schools tend to enroll in four-year colleges instead of two-year colleges (53.
This study allows education policy makers and college administrators to focus on the students who graduate from area vocational technical schools, vocational concentrators in high school, and even those who are majoring in vocational and technical programs in two-year colleges.
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