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RNAVArea Navigation
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RNAVRevalued Net Asset Value
RNAVRandom Navigation Area Navigation
RNAVRealisable Net Asset Value
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This work was carried out in early March 2005 along with additional routine tasks on other landing and area navigation installations at Madrid and Vitoria.
Pilots can also store and view terminal area navigation charts.
MAid" (which stands for "Mobility Aide") is a "smart" wheelchair designed both for narrow area navigation (NAN), such as entering and exiting restrooms, and wide area navigation (WAN) of such rapidly changing, often crowded environments as shopping centers, convention halls or transportation terminals.
The compatible equipment installed in modern cockpits is called RNAV, or Area Navigation, generally referring to navigation without the need for going from one navaid to another.
Kimolan channel project is changed between the floating channel and Konniveden Iitin Pyhjrven built in the 1960s located in the municipality of Kouvola and Iitti City area navigation channel.
IATA is pushing Latin American countries to accelerate the introduction of area navigation (RNAV) routes, with a particular focus on Uruguay and Venezuela.
THE INTERNATIONAL Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has been pushing for more synchronised RNAV 5 area navigation within the Middle East.
This is an interim measure to ensure that airport access is maintained until the air operators using that airport are equipped with Area Navigation (RNAV) capability," says Jeff MacDonald, Manager, ANS Plans & Program Coordination, NAV CANADA.
When area navigation was first used for approaches, a standard and straight-forward naming convention already existed.