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ARGCArgument Count (C programming language)
ARGCAssisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre (London, England, UK)
ARGCArabian Ranches Golf Club (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
ARGCAdvanced and Recurrent Gastric Cancer
ARGCAshtabula Rod and Gun Club
ARGCAustralian Research Grants Council (now Australian Research Council)
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The Panorama investigation alleged a 26-year-old undercover journalist was offered IVF treatment costing thousands of pounds at the ARGC despite neither her, nor her partner, having any history of fertility problems.
Dubai: Gurbax Singh and Kees Hartzuiker were crowned champions in their respective divisions at the Dubai Duty Free Seniors Cup at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club (ARGC) on Saturday.
18 May 2012 - British private equity firm CBPE Capital LLP said it had bought a minority interest in domestic in vitro fertilisation (IVF) services provider Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre (ARGC), without giving financial details or disclosing the exact size of the acquired stake.
alarmon) 33: Elevator :: go(floor); }; protected: int alarm_on: }; 34: main(int argc, char **argv) { Elevator *e_ptr; 35: if (argv[1]) 36: e_ptr = new Elevator(10); else 37: e_tr = new AlarmElevator(10); 38: e_ptr -> go(3); /* polymorphic method call */ 39: cout << "\n currently on floor:" <<e_ptr-> which floor(); } /* end of main */
The ARGC is the first British clinic to offer egg freezing.
1 int main(int argc, char** argv) { 2 3 int num; 4 scanf("%d", &num); 5 6 if(num == 1) { 7 = foo; 8 } else { 9 pointer _one = bar; 10 } 11 pointer.two = foo; 12 pointer.two = bar; 13 pointer.three = foo; 14 15 pointer_one(); 16 pointer_two(); 17 pointer_three(); 18 19 return 0; 20 } Static Instrumentation.
The event itself will be held on September 10 at Arabian Ranches Golf Club (ARGC).
Obzerv's industry leading ARGC night vision camera solutions are now in place at locations around the globe, securing some of the world's most high value assets and protecting public safety in high demand areas.