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ARGArt & Robotics Group
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ARGAttributed Relational Graph
ARGAfghanistan Research Group
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References in classic literature ?
I wanted to interest him in this Argentine Canal scheme, of which I dare say you have heard.
You are not going to lend your support to this Argentine speculation?
The research that I did confirms that it is not a Sistema Colt (made by the Argentines themselves under a Colt-provided plan).
Neither the British army or navy had felt that retaking the island was a viable proposition--they had been convinced they were to mount an offshore 'demonstration' or perhaps a blockade, while the Argentines would be 'evicted' by political pressure from the US/USA.
We Argentines know the tango is our biggest national product, but it is not our only dance, and Buenos Aires is not our only culture," he said.
The Thatcher Government sends The Endurance to expel the Argentines from the islands.
Argentines filled the streets to protest the worst economic crisis in their nation's history.
Inspired by their own anticommunist ideology and countersubversive war, the Argentines moved to fill in the gap.
4) Through the 1920s, Argentines counted on the continued growth of the cattle sector; they expected that the creation of new overseas markets for chilled and frozen beef would not only stimulate further economic development, but would allow Argentina to compete with the United States for commercial leadership in South America.
British pilots had the luxury of approaching fleeing Argentines from behind, and of firing only when the planes were in their missile look-angle.
Other contributing factors include the excellent conditions provided by the country's climate and the entrepreneurial spirit of Argentines who developed professional wine cellars, deployed new technology, and worked together to promote the country's exports.
The hotels' public relations manager Cecilia Bauza says that while the number of foreign travelers rebounded after 2001, local residents also checked in more, as the economic crisis forced many Argentines to take their vacations in the country rather than abroad.