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ARGSAppomattox Regional Governor's School (Petersburg, Virginia)
ARGSAlaska Rock Garden Society (North American Rock Garden Society)
ARGSArts Research Graduate School (Monash University; Australia)
ARGSAdvanced RADEC Ground System
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There are currently few antibiotics to combat bacteria that are resistant to Carbapenems - still a last-resort antibiotic class - and worldwide spread of blaNDM-1 and related ARGs is a concern.
"A clinically important ARG originating from South Asia is clearly not 'local' to the Arctic."
Analysing the extracted DNA from 40 soil cores at eight locations along Kongsfjorden, a total of 131 ARGs were detected.
requires that 2.6 ARGs, with associated MEUs, be operational at any
Darvasi and Fallon developed an ARG called "Blind Protocol" about privacy and surveillance after meeting at a conference years ago.
The expression correlation between ARGs and other disease pathways could also explain the relationship between ARGs and AIDS complicating diseases.
Identifying correlations between a group of metabolic pathway genes and ARGs is a more comprehensive means for understanding integrative biodatasets.
Diversity of ARGs and Integron Genes in Bacterial Isolates and PCR-amplified DNA from Soil
coli strains, [10] because they contain the ARB and ARGs, which spread the resistance to opportunistic pathogens, [11] such as E.
That increased awareness is the real payoff for interpretive ARGs. As game designer and philosopher Jane McGonigal puts it, "When we play a good game, we become the hardest working versions of ourselves." Games are built to offer us challenges we can master, and we know this.