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Mean argument of perihelion, [omega], changes in this time range its value from about 356[degrees] through 0[degrees] 4750 yr ago to 79[degrees] 1000 yr in the future, that is, changing its value between 4750 yr backwards and 1000 yr in the future with velocity of about +49.46" /yr.
From the NEODyS data set (, we can take the computed values of proper elements for the NEOs, that is, the precession rate g of perihelion (the frequency of perihelion), that is equal to the sum of changes in the argument of perihelion, [omega], and in the longitude of the ascending node, [OMEGA], of the orbit of the asteroid, expressed in arc seconds per year and the precession rate s of the ascending node (the frequency of the ascending node), that is equal to the change in the longitude of the ascending node, [OMEGA], of the orbit of the asteroid, expressed in arc seconds per year.
Argument of perihelion, [Omega] 130.296 [degrees] Longitude of ascending node, [Omega] 188.156 [degrees] Inclination, i 124.650 [degrees] Sky & Telescope columnist John Bortle is more optimistic.
Eccentricity, e 0.9953 Argument of perihelion, [ohms] 130.57 [degrees] Longitude of ascending node, [ohms] 282.47 [degrees] Inclination, i 89.43 [degrees] If the comet does brighten significantly, eclipse chasers in Mongolia and eastern Siberia may see Hale-Bopp with the naked eye 46 [degrees] from the Sun during the total eclipse on March 9, 1997, along with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn.
1.49226 TT (ET), perihelion distance q = 1.3651154 a.u., eccentricity e = 0.6228036, inclination i = 30 [degrees].27061, argument of perihelion [Omega] = 353 [degrees].35863, longitude of ascending node [Omega] = 75 [degrees].42389 (2000.0).