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ARIASArchives Records Information Access System
ARIASAmelia Residents in Action for the Symphony (Florida)
ARIASAIDA (Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances) Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society (non-profit group)
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Arias stole the identities of at least four retired or semi-retired physicians, then used the physicians' information to create bank accounts, according to government accounts of the case given in court pleadings.
We must select repertoire that gives our young singers the best chance for advancement in competitive situations while remaining aware of the serious vocal requirements of operatic arias.
During the televised trial, Arias testified for 18 days and provided outrageous and explicit details of her rocky relationship with Alexander, including a phone sex tape she recorded, photographs they took of each other having sex, and tales of pornographic escapades.
The twenty-three strophic pieces presented here (including three in fragmentary state) appear to have been composed over a period of some two decades, beginning with five arias written for Erfurt political functions while Pachelbel was organist at the Predigerkirche.
Her performance piece for Winfrey's show -- the Queen of the Night's Revenge Aria from "The Magic Flute" ("Der Holle Rache Kocht In Meinem Herzen") -- is an aria Gwyneth has focused on since she first heard it four years ago.
Thirteen years after Arias was first wowed by the real estate industry, it was his turn to excite an audience.
But Arias eschews the term "drag queen," griping that it evokes images of "a clown with big cartoon tits, bad makeup, bad shoes, bad hair.
Melo, of autoparts distributor Arias Motors, says that a key benefit of the program for his clients nationwide is access to credit.
The fact it is fixed in a year is a tribute to all of you," said Arias, gesturing to her staff.
Nelson, who impressed in his knockout of Australian Adam Watt in the last defence, was four ounces inside the cruiserweight limit and half a pound heavier than Arias at yesterday's weigh-in.
Since August, Nobel laureate and former president Oscar Arias (1986-1990) has been exploring the possibility of running for re-election with members of both major parties.