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ARINAmerican Registry for Internet Numbers
ARINAbortion Recovery International Network
ARINAfghan Refugee Information Network (est. 1980)
ARINAerospace Research Information Network (NASA)
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ARIN is a nonprofit, trade/membership organization based in Washington, D.
Arin, you were expelled under suspicion that you were a lesbian.
While ARIN does still have very limited amounts of IPv4 address space available in smaller block sizes, the registry encourages customers to monitor the IPv4 Inventory Counter on the ARIN homepage and the breakdown of the remaining IPv4 inventory found on its IPv4 Depletion page.
As Arin tries to save his people and Kestrel hers, the two embark on a very dangerous path--both for love and for their countries.
We hear the movie hunk is so determined to look his best in the stripper flick that he's refusing to miss a single workout with Arin Babaian.
htm) Kurdish Female Soldier and Mother of 2 Arin Mirkan Willingly Volunteers to Become Suicide Bomber, Kills at least 27 ISIS Fighters
Canan Arin, a prominent women rights' activist, said it was a pity Turkish women have to respond to such "silly comments" when they have more serious problems to deal with, including frequent male violence against women.
Some Assembly Required: The Not-So-Secret Life of a Transgender Teen,'' Simon & Schuster, out in September: A memoir written by 17-year-old Arin Andrews on gender reassignment as a high school junior.
Killid Group Radio Director in Ghazni Nisar Ahmad told Pajhwok Afghan News one of their reporters, Hikmatullah Arin, was arrested by NATO forces during an overnight operation in Lewan village of Andar district on Tuesday.
Layton Longstaff, five and from North Shields, is Chronicle Prince for the 4 to 5 age group and the runners-up were Christian Bennett and Arin Hepozel.
Madhuri's husband Sriram Nene and their sons, Arin and Ryan, attended the guests.
This arresting mixed media installation The Living are Few but the Dead are Many (2012)--is the work of Thai artist Arin Rungjang that he conceived for the 18th Biennale of Sydney: All our relations (27 June--16 September 2012).