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ARISArchitecture of Integrated Information Systems
ARISActive Rack Isolation System
ARISAggregate Route-based IP Switching
ARISAnti-Racism Information Service (Switzerland)
ARISAgentia Romana pentru Investitii Straine (Romanian Agency for Foreign Investment)
ARISAttack Registry Intelligence Service (
ARISAcademic Research Information System
ARISAdvanced Range Instrumentation Ship
ARISAudichron Recorded Information System
ARISAdvanced Radioisotope Identification System
ARISAccess Request Information System
ARISAutomatic Recording Infrared Spectrometer
ARISAutomated Reactor Inspection System
ARISAdvanced Ranger Instrumentation Ship
ARISAtmospheric Research and Instrumentation System
ARISAgrarian Russian Information System (Russian Ministry of Agriculture)
ARISActivity Reporting Information System
ARISAccess Rating and Information Systems, Inc (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
ARISAmerican Religious Identification Survey
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If you wish to participate but cannot access the website, please call Laura Francisco, ARI Investor Relations, at 414-973-4331.
In 2006, the SAP channel was a driving force for ARIS, with PMOLink, AXXIS Consulting, and Grupo Assa exceeding ARIS license projections as well," said Dr.
Under the agreement, ARI will manage, convert, distribute and support Stens' ARI electronic parts catalog.
ARIS Process Event Monitor will provide current process-relevant information and enable companies to react immediately to critical events.
As a result, when we made the decision to expand our dealer support technology to include a warranty and product registration processing solution, ARI was our best choice," added Bondy.
The following organizations have implemented their EA frameworks with IDS Scheer's ARIS Platform as the base tool:
We selected IDS Scheer based on its domain expertise in our industry and its track record for delivering successful SAP deployments with ARIS SmartPath.
From Business Processes to SOA with ARIS SOA Designer
Dearing indicated that ARI's suite of catalog and marketing products and services includes PartSmart, EMPARTweb, EMPARTpublisher[TM], EMPARTviewer[TM], EMPART XML Publisher[TM], WebsiteSmart[TM], ARI MailSmart[TM] and eMailSmart[TM].
We have been working with ARI for more than 10 years and during that time, ARI has developed a solid track record with us, helping us to successfully provide our dealers and distributors with access to the most up-to-date parts and pricing information," said Dan Ariens, president of Ariens Company.
Under the agreement, ARI will continue to host EMPARTweb for use by visitors to RBI's websites to provide ongoing updates for selected manufacturer catalogs, and provide a seamless interface between ARI's Shopping Cart and CODIS, RBI's business management system.
According to Dearing, over the past year, the volume, types and complexity of data that ARI manages, converts and delivers has greatly expanded.