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ALUArithmetic Logic Unit
ALUAlcatel-Lucent (stock symbol)
ALUAbraham Lincoln University (California)
ALUArmy Logistics University (Fort Lee, VA)
ALUAmerican Labor Union (labor federation)
ALUUniversity of Alabama
ALUAkademija Lepih Umetnosti (Slovenian: Academy of Fine Arts)
ALUAssisted Living Unit
ALUAkademija za Likovno Umetnost (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
ALUArab Lawyers Union (Sweden)
ALUAcademy of Life Underwriting
ALUAsbestos Licensing Unit
ALUAverage Labour Unit
ALUApplication Layer User
ALUAssociation of Life Insurance Underwriters (USA)
ALUAutomatic Line Unthresholded
ALUAdvanced Life Underwriting
ALUAutomatic Loading & Unloading (industrial robots)
ALUAntenna Loading Unit
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JH Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): JH ALU consists of S-boxes (S) and linear transformation units (L).
Other basic system functions that are needed for a computer, such as an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and scratch-pad memory registers, are also included on the processor chip.
Singh and G.S.Tomar, VHDL Environment for Floating Point Arithmetic Logic Unit -ALU design and Simulation," International Conference on Communication Systems and Network Technologies : 469- 472 (2011)