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ARKSArkose (lithological term)
ARKSAssociation of Racing Kart Schools (Grays, England, UK)
ARKSAnimal Record Keeping System (computer program)
ARKSAmarillo Radio Kontrol Society (Texas)
ARKSAnti-Pregnant Rat Kidney Serum
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The study was performed in the territory covered by Stagnosols developed on arkoses. The applied method of granulo-densimetric fractionation indicates that the soils withdrawn from agricultural production demonstrate qualitative and quantitative changes of humus state.
The Chang 7 tight sandstone in the study area consists mainly of fine (0.125 mm) to very fine (0.065 mm) grained, moderate to well sorted, and poorly rounded arkoses, lithic arkoses, and feldspathic litharenites, according to the Folk's (1974) sandstone classification scheme (Figure 4).
23 April 2015 - US-based oil and gas explorer Arkose Energy Corp.
The only possible tetrapod skeletal remains from the Honeycomb Point Formation are apparently unidentifiable fragments of bone that Baird recorded from the north side of Quaco Head in conglomerate and arkose in 1959 (Baird MS, p.
TOWCESTER: 2.00 Miss Mayfair, 2.30 Slaney Star, 3.00 High Ron, 3.35 Arkose, 4.10 Son Of Suzie, 4.40 Smart Exit, 5.10 Time And Again.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.00 Miss Mayfair, 2.30 Slaney Star, 3.00 High Ron, 3.35 Arkose, 4.10 Son Of Suzie, 4.40 Smart Exit, 5.10 Time And Again.
AYR 12.20 Fine Rightly 12.50 Titus Bolt 1.20 Kris Cross 1.50 Arc Warrior 2.20 Ros Castle 2.50 One For Harry 3.20 Calton Entry HUNTINGDON 12.10 Arthur's Oak 12.40 Flemi Two Toes 1.10 Just Benny 1.40 Ringa Bay 2.10 Arkose 2.40 Carole's Destrier 3.10 Rouquine Sauvage 3.40 River Deep SOUTHWELL 12.30 Lexi's Hero 1.00 Max The Machine 1.30 Sofias Number One 2.00 Hellbender 2.30 Mucky Molly 3.00 Acton Gold 3.30 Capitol Gain WOLVERHAMPTON 3.50 Argent Touch 4.20 Layline 4.50 Storey Hill 5.20 Vale Of Clara 5.50 Captain Myles 6.20 Bogsnog 6.50 Doldrums
HUNTINGDON: 12.10 Arthur's Oak, 12.40 Flemi Two Toes, 1.10 Dungeness, 1.40 No No Bingo, 2.10 Arkose, 2.40 Carole's Destrier, 3.10 Rouquine Sauvage, 3.40 River Deep.
The focus of this study is an alluvial surface of arkose resulting from the erosion of the granite of the Sierra del Guadarrama produced by the factors cited above.
Rock types are conglomerate, altered conglomerate, sandstone, quartz schist, altered quartz schist, arkose quartzite, lithic sandstone, slate, and phyllite.
Interpreting detrital modes of greywacke and arkose. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 40:695-707 (1970).